Huel & being pregnant

When your kid steels your freshly made Huel shake…

I can’t believe he drank it all… :rofl::rofl:


Starting them young! And I’m loving those slippers, so cute!

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Love this, what kind of flavour does he like?

Great picture! And why wouldn’t he love it… our bodies know what’s good for us at any age

I think Huel has been great while breastfeeding. I only started when baby number 3 was 5 months old, but oats are well known for being a great breastfeeding food. I also pump daily (combi fed baby, breast and breast milk in bottle) and have definitely been able to increase my supply.

Also, good luck!!


Currently using Huel to try and lose enough weight to have assisted fertility and I was wondering about keeping it up during/after, thank you for sharing! I hope everything goes/has gone well for the birth!

I’ve been using huel to fight morning sickness. You feel even more nauseous when you don’t eat but you feel too sick to eat and it’s a relentless vicious cycle. Huel is so quick and easy to prep and easy to drink and feel satisfied. It’s been a life saver. I’ll be drinking it throughout and after my pregnancy because I love it and know it’s good for me and my baby. After my first child I lost so much weight through breastfeeding and dealing with the stress of having a reflux baby I was constantly sick and that’s when when I turned to huel and got hooked! Really felt like it nourished my body through a stressful period.


So I’ve had the Huel baby and she is now 6 months. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: During my pregnancy I’ve posted here several times on my experiences on using Huel while being pregnant. Also took a giant stash of bars with me to the hospital. That came in very handy :rofl:

After I had Kyra I still used Huel of course and found out that it is great for boosting your milk supply when you’re breastfeeding.
Also being a parent with one newborn and one toddler left very little time for me to have breakfast. A quick Huel helped me being full and energized.

My husband has recently started working out since he gained too much weight during my pregnancy… :expressionless::see_no_evil: and is now trying out Huel with protein powder. He won’t admit it but he likes it.

Huel also helped me get back in shape. I’ve lost 14kg since giving birth so very proud of that.

This is the amazing kid btw:


Congratulations Deborah! Kyra is so cute!


Thank you! Too bad the Huel t-shirts don’t come in her size :joy: or I should get one that says: Made by Huel :yum:


Congratulations! - and what a great post/update thread :smiley:

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@DvdVgt congratulations !
Kyra is gorgeous :slight_smile:
And well done on the weight loss :+1:t2:

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Congratulations :smiley: could you not use a Huel shaker as a milk bottle if you can find a teat that fits the hole :smiley:

Congratulations Deborah and what a smile! :grin::+1:

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Welcome back @ChrisH0402 :smiley:


Thank you, has been a while.
More on that later :sweat_smile:

Is it pussy related?

This makes me so so so happy Deborah. Congratulations, Kyra is so beautiful :heart_eyes: wishing you so much love and happiness. Great to have you (and Kyra) as part of the Huel family.

We’ll see.


Wish it was :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks a lot @Tim_Huel!!! That’s great to hear!