Huel & being pregnant


Although Huel is perfectly fine for pregnant women according to the website, I can’t find any reviews here from women who have tried this.

And since I’m being pregnant of my second kid and already a Huel user I thought I make an excellent guinea pig. So here is my experience so far.

The first trimester I felt really sick and didn’t use Huel since I only felt the need to eat white bread all day and that’s about it… Not really healthy…

After a few weeks without Huel and my white bread diet the doctor told me I have a vitamins deficiency. So they put me on iron, vitamin d and folic acid. I really hate having to take so many pills a day.

Currently I’m in my second trimester and the nausea is over so I started using Huel again. Few weeks later and another blood test and the doctor says I can quit all the extra vitamins I had to take.

Not to say Huel has magical powers (although many would agree) but the vitamins in there are pretty awesome.

So that’s it for now. I will keep you posted.