Is Huel safe when trying to conceive and during pregnancy

First post so please go gently :wink:

My husband and I have both been using Huel for quite a few months now, enjoying the clean eating and convenience of it and have tried various recipes to fit in with our lives. We are also trying to conceive and I was wondering if anyone has any experience of using Huel whilst trying to get and actually being pregnant? Obviously, alongside all the standard supplements that are recommended at this time. Thanks in advance :smiley:

Has certainly made me more frisky. I’m sure officially Huel wouldn’t recommend it as to do so would leave them open to countless law suits but if it truly is the rounded diet they claim I can’t see why it wouldn’t be fine. In my own personal experience once pregnant your body pretty much gives up on it’s own needs and prioritises the baby completely. My own wife had calcium and magnesium issues in the run up to and during the pregnancy. The baby was fine, my wife was battered :slight_smile: Remember to give into your cravings! Our first was called Baby Cheesecake for his first two weeks of life due to the fact he must have consisted almost entirely of that glorious pudding

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thanks for this and for confirming cravings are there for a reason :wink: