Huel for Insomnia - Log


I am having UU with caramel flavour boost for lunch. It’s lovely :yum:


@Bee I also love uu with caramel - it’s much nicer than the vanilla or the toffee fs


I think I will order mostly UU in future, with an occasional bag of vanilla and coffee preblends.


Hey, while I don’t have insomnia I do have sleep problems in the same ballpark (non-24h sleep cycle, poor quality of sleep, fatigue, etc). I’ve been using Huel for almost a year now and while id say it hasn’t improved my fatigue and energy levels drastically I feel like i’m on a slightly better baseline than I was before, and having something thats quick, easy and dependable to eat when my sleep quality is particularly low and i’m feeling demotivated is the big plus for me.

I also have heartburn problems and Huel didn’t fix this for me, but taking digestive enzyme pills alongside Huel did (I use these ones currently -

Also, i’m really surprised people like Unflavoured here… :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:


I’m on my third day of unflavoured now and it’s really good - I crave it, I love the taste! Thank you for the enzyme recommendations. I can say that in my case, Huel has certainly helped with the acid reflux even though I have not yet gone full Huel - today is my first day doing so, and it’s only 10am…


So I didn’t log yesterday as I was busy, but I had 2 Huels and an unhealthy dinner; strangely again, I don’t get so hungry when eating solid food any more; I thought I would be ravenous and eat a lot but when I actually started eating, I got full really quickly.

I’m currently enjoying a nice beaker of UU, made with less water. I’ve found around 400 ml water total is best for me, it’s nice and smooth. I used my immersion blender; everything is convenient, easy to clean (as opposed to pots and pans and so on). Today is also my first day prepping Huel beforehand; I have a bottle of it in the fridge and a pitcher for dinner, also refrigerated.

I am really in love with the UU flavour, it’s the best. Also - what a day of milestones - today will be my first full Huel day. Sleep-wise I have improved a lot, I’m waking up more rested and falling asleep much more easily. Zero acid reflux since beginning Huel, and no nausea, which is a miracle in itself.


Hm, this is not going well. After my third Huel of the day I was overcome by nausea - I wonder what’s going on? And I’m suddenly very tired.


How much Huel do you take a day and how much per meal ?
Also, do you take the time to consume it or take just a few minutes (as I do sometimes :sweat_smile: ) ?


Today was my first day of full Huel - I had 456 calories for breakfast, 456 for lunch, and 760 for dinner. Could it just be too much Huel in one go? I normally try and chug it down…


I have always been a great eater, but the first few days it posed a challenge for me to do a
171g Huel + 950ml water (~1L shake) per meal, gotten used to it by now. :slight_smile:

You’re breakfast and lunch seem fine, but don’t chug it down on one breath. Take some time
to drink it, despite being a drink it is still an entire meal. Especially with breakfast, some people
find it hard to have a decent meal. Obviously, this also goes for Huel meals. If you take around 15
minutes for a 750ml shake, that would probably be good.

Regarding your dinner, maybe divide it into 2 smaller dinner shakes to make it a little easier.

Finally, a little advice. Even though the water you take in with your shakes should be sufficient for
the daily needs, I’d still suggest having other drinks through the day aswell. Especially if you haven’t
(yet) really adjusted, which could take days, a week or even a few months. At least, this is what I do.