Huel for kids?

My 9 year old keeps stealing my Huel, but I am not sure if I should let her…?

Maybe just a 200cal shake with her breakfast?

She is great at veg, but rubbish at fruit, so a more nutritionally complete supplement 2/3 times a week doesn’t seem crazy…but I still have to ask :joy::joy:

Similarly with my 5 year old, good at fruit, painful with veg…once or twice a week…?



Given the crap some parents pump their kids with I can only think the odd small portion would be fine; drink or food format. This may have been designed for adults but with fast food being “acceptable” to some parents, this has to be a better choice. My kids are not sold on the texture, that’s all that puts them off, otherwise I’d be giving them some.

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Hi @RollerAccy welcome to the forum. Please note you can use the search function to avoid duplicative questions, there’s a lot of good discussion on this topic already with some insights from the creators of Huel.

And for fun:

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