Kids nutrition

Disclaimer: I know almost nothing about nutrition and even less about children, FYI.

I remember reading somewhere on this very forum a comment about Huel for children. And the response, which I took to be true at the time, was that the nutritional requirements for children are different to those of adults.

When we sat around the family table in the good old days, my ma never made me any special kids food. In fact, in restaurants, the kids food is usually junk like pizza and burgers. If anything, kids nutrition would be served best by Huel.

I’m obviously not talking about babies and toddlers.

And also for a second put aside ethics (best way to start any discussion). I know the biggest problem with Huel for kids is it could be a bit like feeding them gruel against their will, and I suppose you’re supposed to introduce them to all different foods while they’re young (although whether or not this is more important than optimal nutrition is a good question too - let’s face it there’s parents out there bringing up kids on maccies and KFC).

Much love to all parents, I do hope I haven’t offended somehow (KFC is my fave too)

The point of the post is, “Is a child’s optimal nutritional profile significantly different to that of an adult, and therefore would Huel be inappropriate, nutritionally speaking?”

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My ideal child has four legs, fur and a tendency to bark… however, I would have thought the ideal thing to do with human kids is to expose them to as many different foods and cuisines as is possible while staying within the broad parameters of a healthy diet, so Huel could form a small part of that diet. What I’ve seen in myself and in friends is that the more restrictive the diet kids are fed, the more likely they are to have limited tastes as adults, thus missing out on an awful lot of good stuff, both in nutritional terms and in enjoyment terms.

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Similar to you…cept it meows not barks.


Incidentally, one of my cats is obsessed with trying our Huel. Thankfully he hasn’t succeeded… yet. I don’t think ginger kitties know they’re not human!


I wouldnt let my kids drink huel. They have to choose it maturely. Feed they with complet diet and full of vegetables, but huel is a personal decision

We discuss Huel for children here:
Children, Adolescents and Huel


Wow! I mean I’ve known Huel long enough that I shouldn’t be surprised by its brilliance anymore but… obviously speaking in a capacity outside of any official recommendation, reading between the lines on this article it sounds like Huel would be even better for older children and adololescents than it is for adults! Perhaps in a few more years when we have more anecdotal evidence of Huel’s positive influence on adult diet and health and the concept in general becomes more socially accepted, who knows what role it will play in the lives of people young and old!

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I let my kids have the odd shake. Not as a meal replacement, more just as a little snack because they enjoy drinking it. Like, really enjoy it.

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I give my kids the odd shake now and again…or I did…they’ve now been taken into care.


Ohhhh… I thought you were just being weird but now i get it was a “shake” pun. Don’t give up the day job amigo


It is my day job!!!

Now you are just being weird :wink:

My 6 year old has a 1/2 scoop before bed and a 1/2 scoop before school. On top of her usual diet.

Her behaviour has picked up massively as has her attention span.

Huel is ace for her.


That’s great to hear!