Is huel suitable for babies?

Seem that, being so clean it should be, and in fact should be an absolutely ideal way to provide a complete nutritional panel for a tiny little human… but there’s still something inside me that balks at the idea…

The FAQ says it is not suitable for people under 15:

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I read somewhere that it couldn’t be used as a food replacement for children as they have different nutritional requirements. However they can have it as a snack (say 1 scoop) without any problems.

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Children’s vitamin and mineral max levels are much much lower than adults, and as Huel was made for adults, you will definitely go over them if you give a child more than a scoop a day. Anyone under 4 I wouldn’t recommend giving any, but for children over this age, small amounts like a scoop a day can be used as a snack.


Having a two year old who eats a totally clean, often raw, ‘colourful’ diet and seeing all of the organic kids snacks on the market you could really make some money by making those from your knowledge and have a kids Huel. Some of the kids snacks out there are great but when you read the small print they’re made in China even dehydrated apple slices etc. Seems mad.

Maybe not now but in 5-15 years time the ethical, homegrown, organic and clean way of doing things will be more on people’s minds compared to the minority, however I still think Huel could venture into the kiddy food industry right now and rinse it.

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I know I usually kill threads on forums but ill continue this: my now 3 year old has a taste for ‘bad’ food, grandparents fault mainly.

She’s definitely deciding she’s a vegetarian, wants to be a vet, loves animals etc. I haven’t encouraged meat eating nor discouraged, but she is finding her own way.

Anyway, point being is I’d love Huel to do a child friendly version as she loves pancakes (and me being gluten intolerant - see other threads I’ve made) I have an inkling she is/will be GI too.

I guess it’ll be difficult to get the right amount of nutrients as all kids are different but surely a 1/4 RDI of everything from Huel is far more appealing to me than an ‘unHappy’ Meal.

Even snack bar as an entrance into the market…@JamesCollier do it do it do it.

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Ugh, don’t talk to me about grandparents.

For the first year of my daughter’s life I managed to get away with feeding ice cubes trays of organic fruit and veg. I was wanting to give her the best nutritional start I could. Since then it’s all been downhill.

She averages about 3 days a week at her grandparents (partners parents) and I wouldn’t mind if 80% of her diet when there was healthy but it’s closer to 20%, but the worse thing is that she is now refusing to eat good stuff when at home and just wants the crap she is fed there.

But it’s impossible to say anything.

Huel is not suitable for children under 4 years, but older children can include Huel in moderation as per our guidelines here.

Children have different requirements, but the social aspects of food and consuming meals is also important. If there ever were a children’s version of Huel we would certainly only recommend it to be consumed as part of a diet.


Just wanted to grab onto this thread. I promised my 4yo pancakes this morning without realising I ran out of flour. I just used Huel without thinking as I knew it could be used as a substitute. So anyway I made 4 pancakes out of 1 scoop and gave half a pancake to my 10 month old twins each as well. I feel very silly for not thinking about it but do you think it will have done them any harm?

Nah, I am sure they will eat a lot worse at Christmas…most people do :slight_smile:

@Aisha_Grover I’m going to try the same. My 6yo has a taste for anything that’s brown. Maybe i can get her to enjoy some HUEL pancakes…

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Made some huel “brownies” a while back for my 5y/o (was 4 at the time) and she loved them, I can’t see the issue myself, especially in a small amount, I’d say its far better than half of the rubbishy cereals they eat for breakfast each morning, that’s for sure!


My little girl is four next month. Definitely going to try her on maybe one tsp Huel to three horrible normal flour for pancakes.

Still won’t eat meat, not a problem, but does love fish (smoked salmon…posh tastes).

I think replacing flour for HUEL in cake making, pancakes, brownies etc would be a great way to get nutrients in her rather than the awful stuff nursery/grandparents feed her. It’s a rarity that she sees them but her behaviour is terrible afterwards but she’s absolutely brilliant when eating decent stuff.

My 7 month old Grandson seems to think it’s ok to “Huel”!

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My 3 year old nephew absolutely ADORES the “porridge” his uncle makes in the blender, i swear i lose a couple of teaspoons full every time i fill a shaker, haha.

I can see why Huel are loathe to do a kids version although it would make them money. Too dangerous. Too easy for lazy parents to feed their kid 100% Huel and then blame the company when little Bobby gets rickets or something.

Also its important for kids to try all sorts of textures and colours and shapes of food, otherwise they’ll end up being that adult at a dinner party holding up a forkful of broccoli in wonderment and going “I…I dont understand…what is this? Why does it not drip?”

Hahaha I know what you mean. My 3 year old loves the overnight oats I make with Huel and also always wants a sip of my shake. I make sure he does not eat more than half a scoop of it since he is 3 but if it were up to him he would eat more.

Overnight oats as in making and puting it in the fridge overnight? Or something special?

My son can’t stand the smell or look

Yeah I posted the recipe here: Huel overnight oats

My son loves it!

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