Huel for runners and triathletes

Starting my journey with Huel soon. My question is, what have most people found to be the right amount of Huel for serious runners and triathletes?

Right amount of Huel for what? To have just before the event?

I do a lot of swimming and 90g 1hr before (minimum) is what I have.

I do alot of running and wondering what people used before or after. I will be training for a marathon and would love to mix this into my training to get down a few pounds

Hi @runner1406

Your calorie intake, and in particular carbohydrate requirements as you’re a long distance runner, will vary greatly depending on age, weight, height, daily mileage etc and what you’re using Huel for e.g. to snack on once per day or for a few meals.

Another important consideration is the prioritisation of your goals. You mention about losing weight, but also fuelling for a marathon. To achieve weight loss you must be in a calorie deficit, during this time you can expect your performance to drop off slightly. Not a bad thing, but just be aware of which goal is your priority.

Huel can be a great tool for either goal as you can closely monitor how many calories, carbs, etc you’re taking on board, as well as being assured you’re achieving well-rounded nutrition.

You should aim to match carbohydrate availability to the energy demands of your training on a day to day basis, put simply - have more carbs on your longer distance days. Also, as a runner you need to consider your protein intake for repair and adaptations to training. As a start, maybe include Huel twice per day, having one serving as a post-run snack to replenish your muscle glycogen (stored form of carbohydrate), and as a source of protein. You can then see how your training progresses and amend your Huel intake where necessary.

To understand your basic calorie requirements, I suggest you input your personal info to the following calorie calculator ( It’s easy to use this as a base & build from there.

Hope that helps