Huel in plastic boxes

I’ve seen the post about how little waste one produces with Huel, but still I hate throwing things away. I’d love to get my Huel in sealable plastic boxes like Tuperware or Lock&Lock which I’d send back.

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Would take up more space, require bigger boxes and therefore likely cost more to courier. The volume of space taken up by 8 bags of Huel is currently very small, but 8 tubs would be considerably bigger.

There could be the option of returnable boxes, with discount on next order of boxed Huel? It is an intriguing idea, and until Huel manages to crack a recyclable packaging, those that are serious about this sort of thing would be happy to pay a few extra pounds on an order of ‘Boxed Huel’. I know I would.

Why would a bag be more efficient (volume-wise) than a box, especially considering that you’ll package it with a box?

Have you seen how the bags are currently slotted into the box? They’re all slotted into each other to minimise the usages of space. The bags are also extremely malleable, so can be squished around however suits the box. With actual tubs, I don’t think you’d get that flexibility.

The cost to Huel as a small startup would also be too much. They’d have to produce, dispatch and accept return of hundreds of thousands of tubs as well as clean them, quality check them and repack them.

I accept the cost & organization argument, but the space one still doesn’t make sense imho.

But tbf, they wouldn’t need to produce them, at least they shouldn’t. But yeah, the organization and cleaning would probably be a logicistigal problem.

It’s such a minimal amount of waste. I’m certain sending the boxes back would have a much larger environmental impact than throwing away a thin bag. There’s a picture floating about somewhere showing how little waste a lifetime of 100% Huel would create. Was barely a few boxes.

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