Huel-like human kibble?

I’ve just got a dog and the dog food market has changed a lot in the many years since I last looked into it.

Nutritionally complete extruded dry food made from real ingredients is extremely popular (high end stuff is 80% meat 20% veg). This is dry crunchy pellets, usually called kibble. I think most of the high end UK brands are steam extruded at around 90C in this facility:

I wondered if there were any kibble type products on the market for humans? (obviously meat/veg/carb balanced correctly and flavoured a bit differently than the dog ones). I would love a crunchy option instead of the shakes (also a fish or meat option).

To get this straight, you want a nutritionally complete product, that is crunchy but also specifically contains meat?

We can do nutritionally complete and crunchy but Huel won’t be including meat in any of our products. Our mission is to make nutritionally complete, convenient, affordable food, with minimum impact on the environment and animals, and including meat in our products doesn’t fit with that.

Perhaps check out, there are a whole host of nutritionally complete foods there that might meet your criteria! Let us know if you have any other questions!


Well OK. I guess there is two parts. First is the idea of a crunchy nutritionally complete human dry kibble. Is there some reason to do with food hygeine that this low temp extrusion technique wouldn’t be approved for human consumption? From the pet food marketting it seems like it could end up less processed then the stuff in huel (ie start from real food, it is cooked at ~90 and dried).

Second part was about meat (because I like it), but I guess the main thing is the idea of a human kibble. Are there any products out like that or that are being developed?

EDIT: I checked the site you linked and there are a few solid bars, but nothing like an extruded whole food ingredients dry kibble. So really wanted to get a discussion going on why that isn’t available for humans because it seems to have quite taken over the dog food market in recent years.

Probably because dogs will eat anything and not complain about it.

Comp gummies look good for snack/sweets, but a kibble like product would be exceptionally dry to eat and a lot of it at once… no thanks.

Well I like a bit of crunch in my food :grin:

The same argument could have been made about shakes, no substrance, nothing to chew, have to have a lot of liquid etc. Basically I find the idea of a sack of crunchy huel pellets quite appealing (would still need to drink a lot of water with them I would imagine).

As to a lot of it at once - depends on the concetration. But if it similar to current huel I don’t think 2 scoops in pellets would be too difficult to get through.

You could be right.

There’s a recipe for Huel cookies around here somewhere I think (cooking with Huel in the main navigation), you could make lots of little cookies perhaps?

I’d be interested in something like that. Wouldnt be something I’d use regularly but I do like crunchy food…and huel doesn’t provide that…crispies in the bars is the best it gets.

I was interested to hear why the extrusion processed hasn’t been used for human food. I would have thought the overall raw unprocessed ingredients (i.e. the dog food ingreadients is meat or fish, potato or rice, and whatever additional stuff for vitamins.
It seemed to me this could be closer to natural than the processed stuff in huel (protein extracted, oils extracted etc.).

Sorry for reviving an old thread, but I presume this was created before the advent of Huel granola?
I’m guessing you could probably just carry 2000kcal worth of Huel Granola to munch on like kibble…? Is that what you were going for haha. I frequently munch on

If you eat 2000 kcal worth of granola, make sure you can spare the next 24 hours in the bathroom. You will get the shits lol

I would love a Huel Kibble equivalent. I hate the whole process around scooping, mixing, drinking, rinsing, washing, repeating the Huel shakes 3 or 4 times per day. I would much prefer a simple hard food that can be eaten or snacked on throughout the day. It would be much more convenient in dry form and I do like chewing and eating crunchy things. It doesn’t seem like the granola is available anymore and I didn’t even know it was a thing when it did exist.

What did you eat before Huel?

Dreamies I expect.


Oh yeah, sorry. Not available in the US that is.

I wonder if this thread is where the idea for Huel granola was conceived :thinking:

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Just use Huel Bars and granola.

The bars are not yummy right now, they are working in it right now

Huel kibble… Mmm i cant imagine that, but is worth a test in the Huel facilities.

I love the Chocolate Orange bar - I’m totally addicted!

Does it taste like Terrys chocolate orange? Mmmm…

Not really :thinking: But then I am not addicted :grin:

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