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I am a new customer at Huel and most attracted to Black edition and the complete protein bar at the moment however I was unable to find a product that I actually want.

For some among us cooking is a highly disliked activity and would rather not engage with, whether we are short on time or actually have a day off.
It presents us with a struggle. Humanity has always been able to invent machinery that has been able to take off many of the harduous and time consuming daily ordeals. We do not have to cut trees anymore to produce heat, nor wash our own clothes as we only need to throw it into the laundry machine, cars, ships, planes all make swift transportion of humans and goods possible. There are so many inventions that it makes it impossible to enumerate them all here and many of us would not go back to riding a mule or horse or forsake all the other conveniences even on the days off we possess.

Now my suggestion, I hope that the Huel community and especially the staff can consider first carefully.
We can feed our dogs, birds, cats kibbles/pellets on which they can masticate and not just something that they have to drink in order to get all their nutrients and it can remain super cheap and the animal be super healthy.

I think that you all must have an idea of what I am now going to suggest.

I have a few suggestions for (a) potential product(s).

Just like how it is cheaper to buy groceries, cut and cook it yourself.
I would like to see a product range of Huel that is dedicated to at home complete nutritionally food that is not a liquid.

For example we can open a bag of kibbles and feed it to cats or farm dogs.
So the same should be possible with humans and be also just as cheap.

I am no expert on how this can be done nor on how it would be realised.
But in the future if such a product would be available for at home convenience and can save us from having to do groceries, wash, cut, cook etc. nor is a liquid diet but something that you can actually chew and enjoy that would be great.

The closest product that you have of this is bars, I especially prefer the complete protein variant.
However, where you to eat 2000 kcal/day or more of this it would cost you + €500,- which just is too expensive.

Perhaps in the future you could develop a variant wherein you reduce the packaging by having a 1000 or even 2000 kcal variant for which you only need one package.
And actually make it close to 200-300 € per 2000 kcal/day.

The Hot & Savoury is just a soup and does not need any chewing and can be drunk completely

I also quite like the idea of a kibble like food for humans.

There could be some tasty options.

It wouldn’t surprise me if something gets launched by someone at some point in the near future.

Whether it works or not, who knows.

I have seen DIY recipes for it.

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could you send some recipes of that?

Have fun drinking pasta. :eyes:


Thanks for the idea @anon10145348, fun fact, Huel was almost called ‘Hibble’ - as in Huel Kibble. I’m pretty glad it wasn’t!

Honestly I’m not sure how much market there would be for this. Alongside the amount of other products we make I expect it would be such a small proportion that it would make it hard to justify in our production. Perhaps another company will take this on, but I think it would be quite niche. I can already see the Futurama memes

For now I think our Hot & Savoury is the best option for you, alongside the Bars too.

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or at the very least, a good Soylent/Snowpiercer mash up


H&S comes in many different flavors and the ones I had so far were mooshy and did not need any chewing.
I think in the Cajun there were some green pieces but they were so small that you can just skip chewing it.
So you really cannot call it chewing if there only the occassional bits of tiny non-mooshy pieces.
I am actually referring to something like the bar in which you actually exercise it and have to put some force behind.

The bar seems like a good option however as I mentioned earlier if you were to consume 2000 kcal/day of the bars that would make around €630,-
Per 4 weeks. That is multiple times the cost of the shake version.

I think that it is not a niche. As from what I have seen many complain about the lack of mastication and you could always start to develop something like the bar perhaps in a bigger package of 1000 kcal/day or 2000 kcal/day and reduce the cost to actually 200-300 euros per month than that would make things actually payable. Not to mention that many people actually need more than 2000 kcal/day

So let me summarize again it is not a niche to develop an economical at home complete protein bar.

Here is one

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You could just save yourself the trouble and eat actual kibble or treats – there are many brands that assert they are made with edible human grade ingredients (as opposed to the ones that omit the word edible)

Just be wary that you are entering a grey area of regulation there - terms that are used to discriminate between foods that are processed, marketed and sold for human consumption and those that are intended for consumption by pets and other non-human animals are ‘edible’ (humans can eat) and ‘inedible’ (animals can eat).

Something labelled as human grade may not necessarily be safe for human consumption.

I think I’d quite like a savoury pack of Huel crisps.


Great idea and one I’ve mentioned before also.

I chew my mac n cheeze

A bar with massively reduced sweetness, preferably coffee flavour - without any “caramel” or similar…

not especially a new idea - but it would be nice to see the return of an annual special edition flavour boost :slight_smile:

(…like…Fig & Almond or Lemon Cheesecake…)

Can I have someone from the Huel team with adequate expertise respond to my queries in this thread please?

Quite right @Tim_Huel obviously doesn’t count despite having been here for years answering dumbass questions.


This topic is a duplicate topic and the points raised here have been address in the thread below.

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