Please make a Huel Black bar

I love Huel black, it got me incorporating Huel more consistently and I now have a Huel bar for breakfast after fasting, then Huel Black edition for lunch later, every single day. I don’t need to buy protein powder anymore.

At the end of the day though I’m always just a few grams short of my protein goal and if that breakfast bar had a similar protein ratio to Huel Black it would be perfect.

Endgame = Coffee flavored Huel ‘Black Edition’ bars with high protein


Just jam some nuts in there and hope for the best :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great idea Aiden! We will have a think on this one…


Hm, sadly no common nut I’m aware of has a protein ratio even as high as standard Huel, so if you want >30% then every nut takes you further away from that. It’s a pain on a plant-based diet, because the only really high protein sources I know of are:

  1. Tofu and tempeh
  2. Seitan (don’t have gluten intolerance)
  3. Quorn (they don’t advertise it, but careful on the manganese)
  4. Nutritional yeast (careful on the niacin and folate, small quantities only)
  5. Spirulina (literally the worst food ever, would be small quantities even if you could eat the stuff)

Obviously there’s then extracted protein (so the Huel approach is extracting from peas and rice).

I would absolutely love a black bar! I Echo this

I stopped drinkin Huel because I was trying to loose fat and keep muscle, which required a higher protein ratio; So I was pumped when the black edition came out! Personally I don’t enjoy the grainy consistency of the shakes at all (Even after blending and refrigerating overnight or buying the ready made ones) but bare with it because its a healthy ready meal that keeps me going, so the idea of being able to have the granola cereal (I LOVE cereal) and the bars without throwing off my protein ratio again would be amazing.

I would buy it all the time


Just bumping this one up because it really seems like an easy win for Huel (plus, selfishly I just really want them…) High protein bars are a strong market but, from what I can see, the existing options are nutritionally empty (outside the protein).

I don’t know how difficult it would be to develop a Huel bar with all the good stuff they have now and bump the protein up to c.20g a serving but I’m pretty confident plenty of people would want them!

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I think there is a market for this indeed. Most “health” bars on the market are far too carb heavy, in some cases worse than some perceived junk foods like Mars bars.

Often it is the sugars and syrups that make the bar hold together and give it the moist and chewy textures that make them pleasant to eat.

I see there are a few Keto bars on the market but I’ve never tried any of them.

If you want another texture why don’t you use a thicker shake, that is more powder with less water? I never understood why Huel should offer bars at all - as the main advantage of meal replacements is that you only have to drink, that you get all nutrients you need without having to eat something.

The bars are pitched as a snacking product not a meal replacement.

I’ve never heard this before. I don’t think “only having to drink” is an advantage, except for the few people who can’t eat solid food.

I think bars are a far more convenient form for a complete nutrition product. Their downsides are price, shelf life, sugar content, and packaging waste. If Huel started selling a giant bar in a resealable pack, with a few weeks shelf life after opening, 1% sugar, and the same price/calorie as powder, I would switch in a heartbeat.

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Modern resealable flow-wrap technology is very good and can maintain the integrity of the product almost as long as its unopened shelf life. However - it also doubles the cost of the packaging. Given that the manufacturing process for bars is more energy and labour intensive than powders, I doubt you’d ever get a comparable price/calorie ratio. How giant are we talking here exactly? :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s not a realistic expectation, more of a “this would be cool.” Like a loaf of bread? Could even be pre-sliced for convenience.


oh wow - I thought you were aiming for like a 500g/one days nutrition size :smile:

Ee, when I were a lad…from very old ‘Huelvis’ advert.

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No, a loaf of Huel to replace a bag of Huel. Saw it up with a bread knife. Add Marmite to your taste.

I ‘ad to ride me bike up’ill both ways, wi’ umpteen ‘eavy ‘Uel bricks in me bag.

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well, thats me sold on the idea


@ david: You’re right, this might not be a must for everyone…just for me solid foods are no option - I am just not used to it any more, because I have been too long on a full liquid diet and meal replacement drinks/shakes. But it’s not right to assume that this is the case for everyone of course…

Yeah I think your follow up is right. Huel’s mission is, amongst a few pillars, to make Nutritionally Complete food. That can come in any form, bars, powder, RTDs, grains. We’re here to offer great nutrition to people in ways far more convenient than they have at the moment, we haven’t ever cornered ourselves to liquids. It’s not like a rule for complete foods.

@David’s daydreams rn.


When can we buy it?

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