Please make a Huel Black bar

I love Huel black, it got me incorporating Huel more consistently and I now have a Huel bar for breakfast after fasting, then Huel Black edition for lunch later, every single day. I don’t need to buy protein powder anymore.

At the end of the day though I’m always just a few grams short of my protein goal and if that breakfast bar had a similar protein ratio to Huel Black it would be perfect.

Endgame = Coffee flavored Huel ‘Black Edition’ bars with high protein

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Just jam some nuts in there and hope for the best :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great idea Aiden! We will have a think on this one…

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Hm, sadly no common nut I’m aware of has a protein ratio even as high as standard Huel, so if you want >30% then every nut takes you further away from that. It’s a pain on a plant-based diet, because the only really high protein sources I know of are:

  1. Tofu and tempeh
  2. Seitan (don’t have gluten intolerance)
  3. Quorn (they don’t advertise it, but careful on the manganese)
  4. Nutritional yeast (careful on the niacin and folate, small quantities only)
  5. Spirulina (literally the worst food ever, would be small quantities even if you could eat the stuff)

Obviously there’s then extracted protein (so the Huel approach is extracting from peas and rice).