Huel minues milk protein and egg (i.e., vegan)

My fellow Huelians,

I’m glad I finally decide to take the jump. We are HOPELESS at getting dinner ready on time – Mother, Father (me), and 5 yo daughter. I want to try giving it to me daughter because she is frequently hungry during the day and we don’t always have time+ingredients to keep her nourished.

Unfortunately our 5yo daughter has SEVERE milk protein allergy (not lactose intolenace; I know, because I have that). So basically, she eats a vegan diet with meat. Is there a Huel product that has these ingredients.

Hi - all Huel products are Vegan/Plant Based

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I think the term you are needing here is A dairy free diet

Happy to help.

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I’m 99.99999% sure that all Huel products are milk and egg free
Do check the ingredients in the product page for yourself