Huel meal plan

She’s got a point…

its clearly not a plant based meal plan suggestion - unless eggs are plant based too - so what is her point exactly?

You just made it!

not really - she’s implying that it should be plant based when theres no indication that should be the case.

Where is the original image? This screenshot is posted by the person on the HUEL facebook page.
One would expect a meal plan provided by HUEL to be vegan but there no suggestion that this is a vegan meal plan nor do we know that accompanying info such as recipes has been excluded.
Regardless of any of that, I don’t know why the word halloumi on a screen makes it difficult to order some HUEL?

This screenshot has been taken from our Vegetarian meal plan. We do also have a plant-based version.

At the start of the year, our Nutrition team created meal plans for varying diets to include Huel and help as many customers as possible achieve their health goals.

While we are a company that creates exclusively plant-based products, we are aware not everyone who consumes Huel follows a plant-based diet.

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By that logic, and to appeal to the statistical majority of your customers, you must have a meat-based meal plan, too. Can you share that please, or if you in fact don’t have one, explain why not?

I’m sorry, this was my mistake (blame me)

We had to do various plans on different time points, in multiple languages, so a vegan or meat one may be on the agenda in the future, but not now. We are a vegan company and encourage swapping out meat for plant-based options, but little and often is better than nothing at all.

I’m assuming by your username that you’re vegan? If so why, other than to be awkward, would you like to see the meat eaters meal plan.

I think this is really important.

Can’t be doing with the ‘plant-based’ fig-leaf either. Lots of prepared foods proudly proclaiming they’re ‘plant based’ contain animal products. ‘Vegan’ is the key word.

I’ll write a meat & Huel based plan for you if you’d like?

Or…not. The lack of legal definitions and enforcement in labelling is a mess for sure – you just have to look at the recent UK trading standards report that found a third of all retail products they tested labelled as Vegan, contained dairy and egg.

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Traces of I guess (I’ve not seen it but would be interested if you have a link)…many vegan products are produced on lines that also produce non vegan products.

And of course you’re allowed so many ppm of insect bits in food in the good ole US where food standards aren’t as strict as UK and the EU.

One in three UK vegan products found to contain milk or egg | Veganism | The Guardian

:arrow_up: there’s the article I saw.

You’re right Phil, it’s a scandal that there’s no legal definition for ‘vegan’. but ‘plant-based’ just seems like a sly equivocation. The flesh of cattle is ‘plant-based’ in a sense.

‘No animal products’ - tell it straight! :smiling_imp:

as well as the news link @epicure provided - the trading standards report can be found here.

Regrettably (and thanks to lobbying by the dairy and meat industry) the only legislation currently going through regarding vegan and plant based food labelling, is what the marketing slogans on the pack can describe it as (meat, cheese, cream, burger etc) and not what’s actually in it.

It is indeed very sly - as some unscrupulous brands are taking the meaning of a plant based diet (eating predominantly vegan/vegetarian foods, but not exclusively) and applying it literally to the component ingredients of their products. Key word there is some – it would be wrong to tar all the brands with the same brush.

A vegan company has no business devising and publishing its own suggestions for the consumption of animal products.


Our meal plan is optional, you can get inspiration from the meal plan to create a plant-based or meat version depending on your diet. Equally, you can ignore it if it’s not useful to you.

Hard to argue with that, but in Huel’s defence whilst they may all be fully committed to animal-free products and lifestyles they’re also trying to coax people onboard who aren’t fully there yet. So flesh-free suggestions is at least a start.

Maybe so-called ‘vegetarian’ and ‘plant-based’ ideas should come with a disclaimer.

& since even ‘vegan’ is misapplied… perhaps ‘animal-free’ is the term to go for, as then there’s no room for doubts.

(I suspect marketing people are aware that ‘vegan’ is a trigger for some reactionary types, & maybe ‘plant-based’ is being increasingly used for that reason).

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You should make a stand and stop using Huel and posting here.
That’ll show ‘em.

I wonder where the majority of Huel customers are on the spectrum of animal-product-consumption-avoidance. At least halfway?