Huel with milk powder

I would like to see Huel develop a vegetarian option to attract a larger audience of potential customers and to improve the taste experience of Huel with milk(powder) for improved taste and creaminess.
I imagine this would go well with the Cookies & Cream, Strawberry & Cream option.

What’s to stop you doing this yourself?


you’d basically have to build a completely new/separate manufacturing facility or line for that to avoid cross contamination so wouldn’t have thought it was practical to do.

Added calories basically. Huel has a great nutritional profile, the best of all meal replacement companies I think. But I think for a lot of people taste plays a crucial part in the experience of any food and not just nutrition. Milk is great for that since adds immensely to the taste and makes it creamy.

One of the reasons why people use Huel among others is for easy calorie counting and weight loss. If I add milk, I can certainly easily track the calories on the back of the carton but the calories would go up a lot.

Providing different alternatives increases your customer base as you do not just cater to one group.

I think Huel like any company in the end has to make profit and if you provide a vegeterian alternative to those people that are okay with consuming animal by-products you are aiding your mission in reducing food waste, environmental impact and the other goals like providing people with a quick and nutritionally solid meal preventing deficiencies and improving health

‘The essence of commercial dairy farming is that the cow’s milk is diverted from the calf and harvested for human consumption. The calf is removed very soon after birth (sometimes immediately, with the goal of tricking the mother into thinking that her baby was stillborn) and opioids are sometimes administered to calm distressed mothers.’
The ethical issues with dairy farming - The Green Stars Project

No thanks.

Veganism is so-called because it’s literally the beginning and the end of vegetarianism. Anything less is half-hearted, or hard-hearted.


Being a vegan company is a core part of Huel for a number of reasons. There’s no way they are going to release a product aimed at being used with milk.


There is no moral objection in using cow’s milk nor the process.
Would love to see Huel use milk(powder).
I recommend Huel add the milk powder to the Cookies & Cream and develop a new flavour hazelnut + Cookies & Cream, with the milk powder of course, that would work really well.

@anon10145348 again, what is stopping you adding a spoonful of milk powder to your shakes? Have you tried it?


I think I answered sufficiently already.

That doesn’t really answer my question. If you don’t want the calories to add up too much then use less of either Huel or skimmed milk/powder.


You must be completely deaf to the environmental message that Huel has been pushing since it was founded. Have a read of these two links and then you’ll realise why creating products designed with/for dairy milk is never going to happen.


Would you care to expand on that? Curious as to how much suffering you’re ok with. Where does your moral objection begin? The suffering and exploitation of cattle, that’s ok with you. How about other species of mammals? Horses? Dogs? Elephants? Dolphins? Human beings? Where do you draw the line?


I do not think this place is suitable for debating or engaging in such topics. So I will have to decline the offer to entertain you. I merely am suggesting my view on certain matters and how Huel could grow and improve.

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Not the place for discussion? Here on a discussion forum? Well ok, but it was you who generalised the issue by declaring ‘there is no moral objection’. That’s quite a bold claim, especially if you’re unwilling to offer any explanation or make any attempt at justification. It’s also false.


Perfect. Cows’ milk is for baby cows. If you aren’t a baby cow it ain’t for you.


@Tim_Huel I am still curious about what Huel thinks and plans to do in the future.
Thinks for the tip Bee good suggestion, using a spoonful of milk powder would do the trick.
I appreciate it.

It would be practical if there is enough interest.
And I believe that there could be enough demand for people who ascribe to different belief systems and do not see anything wrong with consumption of animals or their by-products. Including a product for vegetarians would be just another way of earning revenue.
In the end what matters in eating healthy is whether you enjoy it, the taste and texture plays an equally important role as well.

I am interested on what Huel’s take is on this at the moment. You know, Huel can develop products and food items but if there is no interest or support regardless of how much it fits into the subjective moral framework of some on here who try to impose their ideals onto others then it is bound to fail like the granola e.g. curious as well how the clothing line takes course as time progresses.

I’m not sure how it is practical to have to produce an entirely independent manufacturing and packing stream just to make a niche alternative product that customers could already try out for themselves.

market trends beg to differ with you

Huel’s motto has always been nutrition fitst, taste second.

it would also require them to abandon their company mission statement and sustainability policies

granola - like other products - was dropped because it was a poor seller

I hope it does well - I like the new products a lot, and in response to customers feedback and the current economic situation - they also substantially reduced the cost of the items.


I see. I am just sharing my thoughts. But yeah it would make sense to just develop a base-product that everyone can use.

‘impose’? no. ‘illuminate’ - yes.

Debate or discussion never imposes one view on another, but can illuminate issues for all. It’s a shame you won’t share in any discussion on the issue of milk production. It might be illuminating, but would never ever be imposing.