Huel Sainsbury's?

Has anyone else noticed that sainsbury’s are listed in the store locator on the huel website?

Do they stock huel, have i missed this?



RTD is in there for £5ish a bottle… Saw it the other day and nearly fainted.


Good spot. Huel hired ex-Sainsbury’s buying manager Daniel Plimmer as head of procurement and demand earlier this year. I think he also worked for Innocent at some point. Maybe that helped.

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WOW £5, that is high :open_mouth:

I would have expected half that price at £2.50 or £3.00

£3.50, although it’s worth noting we don’t have control over the price Sainsbury’s want to sell it as. They might trial at different prices!

Exciting though!


ah, that sounds like a more realistic price. Thanks :slight_smile:

I hope that one day I will be able to pop in to Sainsbury’s for a bag of Huel powder!

Maybe on the big ones… They do sell protein powder supplements, but in the most awkward places, so I don’t know where it would go

I would suggest somewhere between the aisles for vegan food, ready meals, air fresheners, and bulk toilet paper! :smirk::laughing:


I’m just guessing, but there’s a bunch of different brands ‘breakfast replacement’ drinks in store already that sit on their own in odd places. They’re not nutritionally complete, but alongside those makes the most logical sense.

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Dammmnnnnn, you learn something new EVERYDAY!

Have you tried Ocado? I would have thought that would be a good place to stock.


My Sainsburys only stocks Vanilla RTD :sob:

My Sainsbury’s stocks very little. They moved an Argos centre in there when they took it over, and don’t stock many new products, even though they say they do.

Where did you find the store locator

follow this:

but from the home page go: -> about huel -> store locator

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Some stores will have both, some will just have one. However this is just the start, currently Huel is just in a few Sainsbury’s in the chillers by the milks and protein shakes. Watch this space.


Have a word with em, my closest sainsburys with stock is an hours drive away :frowning:

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Yes! Mine is so I’ll be adding one to my next order so I can try it without having to order either a whole box or cancel and restart my subscription!