Huel v2.1 launched

I have a few more questions about Huel 2.1.

I notice that the Iron is 41mg/2,000kcal. From what I can see it’s all natural and I would guess phytic acid will stop some of it being absorbed. LPI puts the upper limit at 45mg/day but 2,400kcal of Huel would have 49mg. What’s the rational here?

Manganese is also rather high and close to the upper tolerable limit.

Thanks for the feedback

Vit E - 2.0 was the DL form. We can assure you this was not a cost saving exercise as the amount is tiny. The amount of added vit E was reduced in V1.2 to 2.0/2.1. However, we are looking into this issue again now; it’s imperative we make the right decision.


  1. Only about 15%, I’m afraid
  2. We have vit E as Alpha-Tocopherol Equivalents and the amounts have been accounted for the meet the NRV of this. Does this answer your question?

Iron - it’s all naturally occurring, don’t forget calcium inhibits iron too. Same with manganese. Both these issues have come up before and I have seen the LPI limits.

2.1 and 2.0 are often compared but 2.0 has been modified at least once without a change in the version numbering. So I guess when you say 2.1 contains less salt than 2.0 you mean the early 2.0 release. And if we compare the later batches of 2.0 then 2.1 contains the same amount of salt.
Is that correct?

From Julian:

Quick summary:
In v2.0 we made a mistake and put the salt level too high, sorry. We have now lowered the salt to 3.3g per 2000kcal (56% of GDA).

We will keep you updated on the dates and the batch numbers, but current info is as follows:

(Please note: the first batch numbers below had no added sea salt, however the labels still say 6.4g per 2000 kcal, we didn’t have time to change the labels in time)

Large Vanilla - first without sea salt 2491 - currently shipping 2497
Large Unflavoured – first without sea salt 2495 (DOM 05.09.16) - currently shipping 2476
Large GF Vanilla – first without sea salt 2502 (DOM 12.09.16) - currently shipping 2455
Large GF Unflavoured – first without sea salt 2503 (DOM 12.09.16) - currently shipping 2456

One more thing:
If in the 2.1 3.3g a day corresponds to 56% of RI (and as it should be as per Julian’s message above), why on my 2.0 batches the same amount of salt is listed (i.e. 3.3g a day) but corresponds to 82%?

Can you confirm there is a typo on the later 2.0 batches?

Yes Joersl, I think the taste of U&U v2.1 is noticeably worse than v1.2.

I had perfected my recipe with U&U and the chocolate flavouring. Then one day it just didn’t taste as nice. At first I thought it must be due to what I’d eaten 30 minutes earlier interfering with the taste. But then I realized that this batch I’d mixed up was actually my first using just v2.1. (I had actually opened the bag a few days earlier.)

I’ve also tried both versions with just water. My notes from v1.2 with just water say “perfectly bearable”. My notes from v2.1 with just water were “unpleasant”.

I never tried v2.0 so I don’t know which of the upgrades needs to be held responsible for this.

I’m on my first bag of v2.1 after using v1.2 and v2.0 and v2.1 isn’t as nice and seems to have more of an aftertaste. Not sure if it is the removal of salt but definitely not as nice tasting.

Yes I find the aftertaste in 2.1 not as nice as previous versions.