Thank you for the great update

Big thanks and well done to James and the rest of the Huel team for the recent v2.3 update. I’m delighted to finally have a Huel without lumps, and a consistency that is more like a drink than a sludge. The smell of the new formula is certainly not as appealing as earlier versions, but the taste is absolutely made up for and is a pleasant, non-chemical taste.

There are a few points I’d like to raise though, regarding the formula.

It’s great to see the inclusion of Vitamin D3 and K2. Whilst 2/3 of the Vitamin D source is in the form of D3, it seems a little bit of a “con” that K2 only comprises 0.5/20mcg of the total K content. I appreciate there’s no formal RDA for K2, but it specifically has an array of health benefits - from cardiovascular health, prevent / reverse arterial calcification and possibly the prevention of prostate cancer - all of which K2 has proven to be more efficacious than K1.

Anyway, big thanks for the incredible updates. Of course, individual taste is always subjective. But I love it.


Thanks so much for the feedback, really pleased that you’re happy with the new updates - the team has worked tirelessly to improve nutritional profile, flavour and texture in this version, something we haven’t tried to do before. It’s great that it has hit the mark.

I can’t comment on the K2 as this is @JamesCollier’s area and I’m sure he will respond when he can.

HI @xenonp

Thanks for your feedback.

Re the K2 point; K2 has actually been in Huel since v2.1; we just didn’t list it seperately on the nutritional breakdown; a bit silly of us, really! In respect of the level. The amount of K2 included is the amount required for its health benfits. Baseline requirements are more than made up for with K1, freeing up the K2 to do the other stuff.

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What is the new update

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