I went to a nutritionnist and she told me that huel had unhealthy doses of vitamin d and protein

I went to a nutritionist, and she told me that Huel contains unhealthy levels of vitamin D and protein. Apparently, consuming only four shakes of Huel U&U a day gives me more than twice the amount of protein I need but not enough calories. According to my nutritionist, excessive protein intake can harm my kidneys. There’s also an absurd amount of vitamin D, which can be toxic.

According to this article excessive dosses of vitamine D can accumulate to toxic levels.

Is that correct?

I understand that putting a lot of protein can be attractive for some customers but it would be cool if there was an option with normal protein and vitamin D amounts

Hardvard post saying that 2g/kg of body weight is the upper limit

Dan doesn’t give a toss. He left Huel ages ago. Try @Amy_Huel


A nutritionist went through the nutritional breakdown of Huel with me, muttering things like “they won’t have thought of… oh! they did!” and finally said that she wished she could prescribe Huel. A doctor at my GP practice, on the other hand, doesn’t think I should be eating Huel because “it’s a protein shake and you can get all the protein you need from an ordinary meal”. Two health professionals with different views, but one of them actually thought about what they were saying and looked at the evidence.


yes it is true that my nutritionist only ganced briefly at the powder without going into the detail, but the things that she pointed out seem to be relevant. I’d be interested to know what your nutritionist said about the excessive amount of protein and vitamin D

She had nothing to say about the quantities of either protein or vitamin D. Her wish to be able to prescribe Huel said it all. Huel has been the mainstay of my diet for over seven years now, always at least 50% and more usually around 85-90%: it works for me.

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I don’t think I’ll go beyond 10% Huel unless there are solid counterarguments against what my nutritionist said. Alternatively, I might consult another nutritionist, but it doesn’t seem very rigorous to change nutritionists simply because the first one said something I don’t like.

As far as I can see, the vitamin D is 4mcg per shake. The upper safe limit is 100mcg per day.

As for protein, you can choose 20g per shake, or 30g, or 40g. It’s not excessive or unhealthy unless you consume more than you need, and that’s down to you.

I would question your nutritionist.


Sounds like a thorough investigation!


@epicure we can choose the dose of protein in huel U&U original powder? (There is the “essential” powder wich has less protein but a lot of other things change with that option)

For the vitamin D the problem seem to be that it builds up in your body so eating consistently too much could be bad over the years.

In fact there are other vitamins that are in eccess in the powder but my nutritionnist told me that the only one that was problematic was vitamin D

I wouldn’t question my nutritionnist until i have strong evidence that she is wrong. Are you a nutritionnist? @epicure

No, but it’s not necessary to have a professional qualification to be able to follow published NHS guidance, and to apply a little common sense.


Chatgpt 4 on the absurd ammount of protein:

"The general recommendation for protein intake for healthy adults is about 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. Athletes or those engaging in heavy physical activities might need more, typically between 1.2 to 2.0 grams per kilogram of body weight per day to support muscle repair and growth. Going beyond this range, especially up to 3 grams per kilogram of body weight, is considerably higher than typical recommendations, even for highly active individuals or athletes.

When considering plant-based proteins, while they may be easier on the kidneys due to the reasons previously mentioned, consuming protein at such a high rate (3g/kg of body weight) could still present unnecessary stress on your body if there isn’t a specific need for this much protein. Moreover, consuming protein in such high amounts may also lead to an imbalance in nutrient intake, potentially displacing other essential nutrients.

For individuals with normal kidney function, increasing protein intake using plant-based sources may be less risky to kidney health than animal-based sources. However, the concept of “more is better” doesn’t necessarily apply to protein intake, even with plant-based sources. It’s essential to focus on a balanced diet that meets all your nutritional needs rather than consuming excessive amounts of a single nutrient.

If you are considering significantly increasing your protein intake for athletic purposes, weight management, or muscle building, it’s advisable to consult with a dietitian or a healthcare provider. They can provide personalized advice based on your individual health profile, dietary needs, and physical goals. This ensures that your diet supports your health and fitness objectives without adversely affecting your health."

If i want to go 100% huel i would have to take ~750g a day which give me more than 3g /Kg of body weight of protein, please make a version of huel that has 3 times less protein and at least 1.5 times less vitamin D

No problem. What flavours would you like?

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There it is, we’re all different. If I was to go 100% on v3.1 I’d be on 150g protein per day, or 2g/kg bodyweight, which is at the top of the recommended range, but not absurd.

Was your nutritionist advising you on a 100% Huel diet, or on Huel’s formulation generally?

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On a huel diet, she told me that i need 3000cal a day so 750g of huel wich is 225g of protein. I weight 60Kg so that would be 3.75g/kg

You weigh 60kg and you’re being advised to eat 3000kcal a day? I think your nutritionist is talking bollocks to be honest. I lost 3 stone a few years ago eating 75% Huel products having a net of 1500kcal per day and I weighed 100kg at the start of that journey which if what your nutritionist is saying was true I’d have been eating my own arm through hunger because of the calorie deficit.

2000kcal of Huel products per day would keep me full all day, and I know that because I’ve done it and I weigh 30kg more than you.


Brinax you’re a very unusual case. At 60kg and 3000kc per day a 100% Huel diet isn’t going to be such a good fit for you, and I can see why your nutritionist might have advised you to mix Huel with other foods, to make sure you’re not consuming too much protein or whatever else Huel is rich in.

But that advice is far and away from the sweeping allegations you’ve made using the words ‘unhealthy’, ‘absurd’, ‘excessive’, ‘problematic’, and ‘toxic’. Nutrition is never a one-size-fits-all arrangement and you have to appreciate that what’s best for you is different to what’s best for the great majority of other people.


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