I went to a nutritionnist and she told me that huel had unhealthy doses of vitamin d and protein

I’m not a native english speaker, and i’m sorry if i said some things that may sound unreasonable. But i was discussing with my nutritionnist about taking 400g of huel per day and she told me that there was not enough calories for me and too much protein in only 400g of it. I don’t have any kidney disease. According to this article a safe/normal upper bound for protein would be 25% of the total energy. Normal huel powder is around 30% if we consider 4cal/g of protein. Huel essential is better from this perspective.

But for the vitamin D i can’t really find any justification. I think that i’ll do regular blood tests to ensure it isn’t excessive.

PS: I’m 17 years old, i understand that what i said may sound unreasonable but i’d prefer to receive constructive counter arguments that i’ll be able to give to my nutritionnist rather than childish comments.


What’s your reason for wanting to eat 100% Huel? Very few people do that. Even on this forum of absolute frothing Huel nerds, hardly anyone eats Huel only.

If you’re planning to eat Huel as part of a varied diet, the problem goes away. Huel is a high-protein food, which you can balance out with a low-protein food.


Maybe it’s because i’m still growing. I can agree that the lack of calories may be specific to me but what she told me about proteins and vitamin D isn’t related to that. We discussed about 400g of huel a day.

Agreed. I mainly eat popcorn.

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I bloody love popcorn mate. Gonna get some now, thanks for reminding me!

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Yes that’s what i’ll probably do but some days i won’t have much time to eat other things than huel and it is deplorable that there is too much protein to do it in an ideal way. I didn’t talk about huel essentials to my nutritionnist wich has less protein.

I just assume that the high carbs in popcorn counteract the protein in Huel and as there’s no d3 it’s pretty safe to eat all day every day.

So are you already eating Huel? (Deplorable is a great word btw. Completely over-the-top here, but it still made me smile).

As they say they aren’t a native English speaker I think it’s a great adjective to use here.

I was eating it all day before going to my nutritionnist lol. She told me no more than 100g a day. But i’ll try to convince her that 400g a day is ok and eat smth low on protein and high in energy in addition to that.

I see. So you’re used to the convenience? I reckon @hunzas has it right. Just have a big bag of popcorn with you. Tomorrow can be a 200g popcorn/200g Huel day.

Such a good word. Clinton/Trump threatened to ruin it, but it survived.


I’d at least wait to see what Amy has to say. It’s the weekend now and she’s probably had 3 bottles of wine and some tequila slammers (apparently all good for your liver, so what she will say about protein and kidneys I dread to think). I expect the packets of crisps will counteract some protein, and the kebab on the way home will soak up the rest of it. She may have recovered by Wednesday if you can wait that long.


Yes i’ll do.

By the way since everyone is off-topic, i wanted to explain briefly that i asked for a different version of huel with less protein and less vitamin d only because since we are in an economy of free market it is my belief that communication between me(a customer) and Huel (a seller) about my desires is very important and beneficial to both.


Yeah but they cancelled Huel Granola and more than one of us wanted that. They are heartbreakers.


yes but you weren’t one of them because of the amount of space and packaging required compared to powder.

Unfortunately this happens a lot. There was a bloke called Tim who ruled with an iron rod and kept everyone in line. Unfortunately he had a hammock addiction and couldn’t perform properly so they gave him a different role. Can’t remember exactly what he does but it’s taste testing or something. The forum has become anarchic since. It’s a deplorable state of affairs.


Aye, I remember Tim Times. Blue skies, clean air, kids that didn’t answer back. You could get the tram to the pictures and back, and still have change from two bob.

Now look at us. The living envy the dead.


Hey Brinax, I think your nutritionist is being unduly alarmist if she advised you to eat no more than one Huel shake per day.

You say you’re trying to convince her that 400g of v3.1 Huel a day would be ok. That’s 4 shakes, 1600kc and 120g protein. If your bodyweight is 60kg that’s just 2g protein per kg of bodyweight. It’s not excessive.

It’d also be 16mcg of vitamin D. If the daily minimum requirement is 10mcg and the safe upper limit is 100mcg, it doesn’t look excessive either.

But maybe she has some special professional insights into these numbers? It’d be very interesting to know what they are.

Remember that Huel was designed by nutritionists! Most folk here have faith based on long experience that they know what they’re doing, and four shakes per day isn’t unusual.


I just sent her an email (in french) explaining why her advises seemed a bit unresonable:

"[…] Je vous recontacte concernant le rendez-vous où l’on a parlé de la nourriture en poudre huel. Je me tient pour l’instant à la recommandation que vous m’avez donnée de 100g par jour maximum. Mais j’ai quelques objections concernant les deux problèmes que vous avez soulevés (trop de protéines et trop de vitamine D):

Pour les protéines, je voudrais premièrement noter le fait que le profil des acides aminés est disponible sur leur site et s’il est complet j’imagine que je n’aurais pas besoin de compléter mon alimentation avec de la viande. En plus sur leur site ils répondent à l’affirmation comme quoi la quantité de protéines serait trop élevée.

Si cela demeurait un problème, il se trouve qu’il existe une deuxième version de la même marque qui contient 20g de protéines par 100g; devrais-je la choisir? (elle coûte même un peu moins cher mais les ingrédients sont différents) Si vraiment c’était quand même trop je pourrais compléter mon alimentation avec des produits bas en protéines et très énergétiques, non?

Regardant l’excès de vitamine D serait-il possible et pertinent de faire des prises de sang régulières pour vérifier que mes niveaux de vitamine D ne soient pas trop hauts? (la limite tolérable de vitamine D est 100mcg quotidienne non? même en prenant 800g de poudre par jour je n’aurais que 36mcg de vitamine D) C’est en tout cas ce qu’il laissent entendre sur leur site. […]"

Just noticed that i failed to calculate 8x4=32 (not 36) . (speaking as a univerity level math student this is very sad)

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