Chronic Kidney Disease and Huel? Is this right for me?

Hi Huelers!

So late last year, unfortunately, I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. I have had high blood pressure for a while, and blood tests picked up high amounts of protein in my urine…which is what lead to this discovery. I’ve been advised by my doctor to heavily reduce my salt intake (for BP control) and look into diets that are good for CKD.

So my question is, for those that understand and know about dietary requirements for CKD. Does Huel contain too much Protein, Potassium, and Phosphorus for someone with late-stage CKD?
Any advice would be appreciated! As I would love to continue using Huel but don’t want to risk knackering my kidneys any further.

Hi @TeshM

Hope you’re going ok.

Huel may be ok to have with CKD but it will depend on how your symptoms are manifesting and what sort of dialysis treatment you’re having. If you’re on a protein restriction, then Huel’s protein level should be part of that restriction along with your other protein sources.

Huel is pretty high in potassium and phosphorus, so be mindful if these are an issue for you. I think it’s unlikely that you would be allowed to have more than 100g of Huel Powder per day, but that 100g could be a great source of other nutrients like essential fats, carbs, vitamins, minerals and fibre.

If protein’s an issue, maybe Huel RTD would be the better choice as calorie for calorie it’s lower protein.