Too much vitamin intake

Hi, just something I got thinking about. Can having too much of certain vitamins / nutrients lead to negative health consequences long term?

I know most vitamins, we reach a point where we can’t take in anymore, so they pass through us in waste.

But for my current structure (and many others on here depending on multiple Huel’s a day) could there be any issues with too many vitamins in some vitamin groups? e.g. too much iron?

Personally I have two powder shakes, 1.5x hot and savoury and every other day, an AZ vitamin drink. Can it be harmful at all?

Too much of a vitamin can absolutely be horrendous for you. If you have too much vit’ C or zinc for example you can look forward to nausea, diarrhoea, and stomach cramps.

I really doubt that heavy intake of Huel would get anywhere near vitamin toxicity levels, but this is a question for @JamesCollier really.

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The amount you are consuming is deadly poisonous, you’re lucky to have made it this far.

I admire the humour, but it’s not very useful

That’s good, that’s what I was hoping to hear - from folks who know a bit more about it than me and would be able to say it would take a tonne more to approach any kind of dangerous level. Hopefully James has something to add? :slight_smile:

I’ve had at least three meals of Huel a day, every day, for almost a year now. I’m not dead yet, in fact, I’m in the best shape I have ever been. My last blood test found no abnormalities after about ~6 months of this.

One data point is not significant.
Individual physiology.
There could be something wrong but I don’t know about it.

I don’t think you run the risk of OD-ing on vitamins, but I’m just a guy on the Internet.

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People say laughter is the best medicine. You can have a chuckle while in intensive care for vitamin OD


If Huel is designed to give us 100% of micronutrient needs at 2000kc per day it’ll obvs be giving us a little bit more at 2400kc and 2800kc, etc.

I think you’d have to be getting through an enormous amount of Huel each day, long-term, to even begin to push up against the daily limits for safety.

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The clowns run the NHS - and that’s alas no laughing matter


Clowns are the middle management in the NHS. No private sector operation would be so inefficient. Everybody blames the government but if they made decent use of the resources they have (less outsourcing for convenience) they’d be in a much better financial position / money for its hard working staff.


I think with a taxpayer-funded public service provider it’s always valid to blame the government. Those middle managers are only doing what they’re permitted by their ultimate supervisors, ie our ‘representatives’ in Westminster.

More clowns needed.

Yes that is true. It really is a truly wasteful and inefficient operation (pun intended) and the current model really needs scrapping and rebuilding from the bottom upwards.

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Not really, although I agree there are certainly clowns at Westminster, they are merely budget allocators and as well as health, there are a tonne of other equally needy things to fun (education, energy, infrastructure, security etc.). Even if they threw a tonne of money at the NHS in its current state, the middle managers (and I agree, their bosses on multiple tiers) wouldn’t have a clue how to put it go good use.

It’s not all about throwing money at problems, it’s about how they’re using it, where they’re using it and how efficiently. The level of outsourcing is one major, major leak in the pipe. I’m not sure what else needs fixed, but anybody in the private sector can explain the downfalls of outsourcing and contracting. Most working class people - especially young people - can tell you their side of the coin, about how they only get zero or little hours contracts - from agencies - who take a big cut. Workers lose out. Patients suffer. Government - some blame yes, not all of it. Not all NHS staff / mangers are ‘holier than thou’ either.

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Anyway I just heard the new Stones single and all’s well with the world, suddenly. :smile:

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Hard to beat The Rolling Stones :slight_smile:

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Hi @sb-huel

Great question.

For some micronutrients, it is possible to have too much, but you’d have taken huge amounts and for long periods. There are tolerable upper limits for some like vits A, D, E, B3, B6, B9, calcium, zinc, copper, selenium, molybdenum and iodine.

More here

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Blockquote Huel products are not an issue. This is because Huel products are nutritionally complete at 2000 kcal, so even if you consume more than 2000 kcal (5 meals) of Huel a day you are unlikely to exceed an UL.

Thanks so much James. That’s what I was wondering. I’m having 2x Powder drinks and 1.5x H&S a day so I should be well below even the safe quantity quoted of 5 a day.

So on the flip side, for ‘some’ nutrients / vitamins … 2x Huels in a day are better than one? (Just curious but I’m happy now that I know I’m safe with my daily intake)