Can you OD on vits/mins

Hi @Dan_Huel

Is it possible to ‘overdose’, or have too many vitamins and minerals if you’re drinking Huel regularly?

I know that Huel already contains over the RDA for vits/mins, sometimes significantly. So if I’m having 4 scoops a day, possible a couple of Complete Protein as well, do I run the risk of getting too much of these and suffering adverse effects as a result?

Also, have you done any working looking into how using Huel regularly compares to taking something like the Heights smart supplement?


Don’t worry you’re okay with the amount you’re consuming John! Huel is nutritional complete at 2000kcal.

4 scoops = 800kcal and Huel Complete Protein is a snack.

Heights, as you said, is a supplement and it’s also a multivitamin so it’s not the same as Huel which is a food. If you’re consuming a varied balanced diet I wouldn’t say there is any need for a supplement.

Cheers Dan

Is there a ‘go to’ database you as nutritionists use for the vits/mins etc breakdown of foods? My Huel journey and research has led me to really consider the micronutrients of my foods and it’d be great to know a central repository to refer back to.

We use Nutritics, but that’s a paid database. Cronometer is quite good and free. You could also use the US government food database.

My concern has been similar however too much Huel and weight gain begins. Too little and weight loss begins.

So to that end I think your worries are overstated.

I am Histamine intolerant and Huel keeps me alive with all the stuff outside of Huel trying to kill me. Couldn’t ask for more.

Thanks :slight_smile: