Vitamin intake with Huel

I have the following Huel on Mon-Fri:

1 x 15g of Daily Greens
2 x scoops of Huel 3.1 powder
1 x Daily Vitamins drink
2 x scoops of Huel Hot & Savoury
1 x Huel bar

I feel great and despite having a demanding job, I seem to have avoided colds/flu and other bugs. I really like Huel and the above satisfies my propensity to snack and ensure I eat healthily.

My question is, does the above take me beyond safe daily limits for vitamins and minerals? I maintain my Daily Greens at the weekend and eat a healthy meal with my family in the evenings.

You probably dont need the vitamin drink and greens in one day…

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That’s a whole lot of Huel :black_heart:

I would say that perhaps Daily Greens and Daily A-Z Vitamins in the same day is a little much on the vitamin and mineral front. I tend to suggest choosing one or the other, or alternating day to day to ensure levels don’t get too high. The rest of your plan sounds absolutely fine.

Love that you’re also enjoying a meal with family at dinner time - a bit of variety here will be great for your gut :blush:

Eating meals with my family gives me indigestion.