Vitamin Overdose


Huel is due to contain all vitamins and nutriments we need based on what amount of kcal per day?

I am using it to reach 3000 kcal per day

Is there a vitamin overdose risk?

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I am currently having 1200-1500 calories daily from Huel using a mixture of powder, RTD and bars. I have other healthy snacks through the day to get up to around 1900/2000 calories. I supplement this with Alpha Men vitamins, Omega 3 and Vitamin D3 daily. Is this overkill and do I need to bother with these or not?

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Huel is nutritionally complete at 2,000 calories, meaning that it at least meets the official guideline levels for all nutrients at 2,000 calories, and higher for some nutrients where there is a particular health advantage. These recommended daily amounts are set to give ‘average’ members of a population a guide. Some individuals will have nutritional requirements higher than these.

There are also guideline upper limits for maximum amounts of some nutrients based on levels at which certain individuals may need to be cautious. However, intakes higher than these will not be a problem for the vast majority, especially so for individuals with high requirements. Indeed, people who consume a very high calorie diet based on whole foods are very likely to be consuming high levels of these nutrients anyway.

Should you wish to consume a higher intake of Huel - say 3,000 calories or more - although there is unlikely to be any issue whatsoever, you should be aware that your intake of a few of the micronutrients may be over these guideline upper limits.

Depends on your overall calorie intake and the rest of your diet.

Huel already contains a decent amount of vitamin D (D2 and D3), but in the winter you may need to supplement with vitamin D as we can produce vitamin D from sunlight as well as getting it from our food.

Try matching up your current intake vs what is in Huel and the rest of your diet without those vitamins and that should give you a good idea:

According to this source, the sun is only at the right angle for our bodies to produce vitamin D between May and September 10am - 3pm. So the recommendation for a supplement extends to beyond just winter.

I take a 25μg D3 supplement all year round now. I have done for about 2 years and I definately have more energy than I used to. I used to conk out mid week and have no energy but I don’t experience that any more.


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Per 100g Per day* % NRV** TUL
Vitamin A (µg) 160 800 100% 3000
Vitamin D (µg) 3 15 300% 50
Vitamin E (mg) 2.4 12 100% 1000
Vitamin K (µg) 20 100 133% -
Vitamin C (mg) 61 300 375% 2000
Thiamin (mg) 0.3 1.5 136% -
Riboflavin (mg) 0.3 1.4 100% -
Niacin (mg) 3.2 16 100% 35
Vitamin B6 (mg) 0.3 1.4 100% 100
Folate (µg) 81 400 200% 1000
Vitamin B12 (µg) 0.8 4 160% -
Biotin (µg) 10 50 100% -
Pantothenic Acid (mg) 1.2 6 100% -

TUL=tolerable upper limit

See some of the data might be old. The Tolerable upper limits were taken from:

You can cross reference with: