Nutritionally safe to live on Huel with <2k calories daily?

Hi there,

I intend to use Huel for all but 2 meals a week and will be using an amount daily equivalent to approximately 1200 calories to aid in my weight loss efforts - I understand that Huel is designed to give you a complete nutrition package at 2000 calories daily. Is it therefore advisable to pursue this diet knowing that I will not be getting my recommended daily fill of nutrients?

Thanks for the help.


Are you consuming solid food for your third meal per day?

If you’re not, and your sole source of nutrition is 1200kcal of Huel, then you might be covered with minimum requirements for all nutrients, but we couldn’t guarentee you are. Everyone has different requirments, and the levels we have are based on the UK Department of Health and the EU guidelines which cover everyone.

Are you male or female?