Know my calories, how much Huel?

Afternoon all,
I wear a Basis Peak device so I’ve been monitoring myself since the weekend and while I’m fairly sedentary, my calories at the end of the day have gone from 2,900 odd to 2,650 or so.

So I’m assuming I should take the average of 2500 for a man although im generally higher than this, I’d like to loose weight at this stage so should be safe dropping to about 1,800.

I’m currently on one Huel meal a day and am shocked that some days I can consume near 3300 calories some days - I’m tracking this - honestly thought I used to eat pretty good with a few treats, it’s been enlightening…

I’d like to avoid putting myself into starvation so should 1800 be enough?

Also thinking the carbs in Huel is quite high but that’s probably from my “low carb” education, thought too many carbs were bad…

I’m fairly similar - by my calculations I’m burning around 2700 calories per day.

I’ve dropped myself down to about 1600 per day to lose weight, going with two scoops of huel for breakfast, another two for lunch and then a normal (but low calorie - my wife’s on a diet too. Say 500 cals or so?) dinner, plus a snack here and there. I find that fine - I never really get hungry, and in fact some days I don’t bother snacking and just end up on 12/1300 cals or so.
With all that, I’ve been steadily losing 1kg or so a week, for the last couple of months - I’ve dropped from 93.3kg to 81.5 in that time.

Frankly, I think starvation mode is a bit of a myth. Certainly it’s an effect, but you’d have to be on a strict diet for a long time to the point where you’ve got almost no body fat left for it to make any difference. You won’t suddenly stop losing weight if you drop your calories too low for a few days. The main issue with restricted calories is that it makes it hard to get your recommended intake of nutrients.