Importing huel

The country I live in, Israel, has a law that only allows citizens to order (import) 6 food items of the same type from abroad in a year.
That means that i can only order 6 packages of huel in a year.
This will last me little more 2 months.
Is there anyone else that lives in Israel or another country with a similar law and found a way to get enough huel to sustain themselves year round?

providing Huel doesn’t fall under any restricted items lists - you probably will be able to apply for a personal import license from whichever government entity oversees food import - as these kind of things tend to have larger allowed volumes and different duty tariffs.

I tried that and the personal import license in israel allows me to import a very limited supply of huel as i stated in my post.

sorry - thought you were talking about limits on standard personal imports (courier or self) not licensed

Sorry about that, @Yan. We know about these issues with importing to Israel and I’m sorry we can’t do more here. Hopefully you can find a work around in time or the restrictions are eased.

Could you ask friends or family to order some in their name to their address?

Are you suggesting I should commit fraud?
I would rather not risk the reprecussions of breaking the law and tricking people i care about into doing that as well.
I was hoping for a better, sustainable solution.

how is that fraud or breaking the law? as long as the different people pay for and make separate and distinct orders to different delivery addresses?

as this is a country specific legislation issue the only other solutions would be to look for a similar domestically produced product or move to a country with more lenient import rules.


I wouldn’t consider that fraud,it’s simply a way to recieve asked for ideas

[quote=“Yan, post:7, topic:23082”] suggesting fraud?


I think more people should follow their governments leads and commit fraud. Laws are made to be broken…but only by the rich. We should follow their lead

The current UK govt is a sheep show. Bah… Not keen on Israel’s either.

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