Is Mince Pie coming back?

I still miss the Christmas pudding flavour boost :frowning:

Much to my dismay as well, I really doubt it as they’ve released two holiday boosters already (the gingerbread and chocolate cherry).

They’re no mince pie (which was a favourite of mine!) but the chocolate cherry is quite nice and I’ve only heard great things about the gingerbread - it’s gonna get added to my next order for sure :smile:

If you haven’t tried the apple cinnamon yet I’d highly recommend it!! Tastes just like an apple pie so its still somewhat festive!

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I still have some.

Who cares about best before dates anyway…


It doesn’t appear to be coming back:

I didn’t order either mince pie or Christmas pudding when they were available but I’ve regretted both!

Gingerbread sounds nice but I couldn’t drink it as a long drink, Chocolate Berry, we already have Chocolate, Cocoa, Cacao, Mint Chocolate and now Chocolate Berry… Too many Chocolate variations.

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Hm the cacao booster doesn’t exist any more so the only chocolatey boosters are actually the chocolate booster itself, mocha booster or the mint chocolate booster.

To me these are all very distinct flavours - and the chocolate cherry is as well. It’s very reminiscent of a bakewell as the cherry (and almond) comes through really well.

But that’s the beauty of Huel - to each their own!

The Gingerbread is really nice and better still left overnight - quite easy and smooth to drink (I had it with original flavour powder). There are actually only two regular chocolate flavours - chocolate and mint chocolate - as the others are either discontinued or limited editions.

The chocolate in chocolate cherry is only for the colour, not for the taste of it. It’s very marzipaney, but not chocolatey.

You can never have too much chocolate in my opinion.
But yes, cacao is gone. Now there is just chocolate, mint-choc, or chocolate cherry which is limited edition anyway so won’t be around long.

Can’t taste chocolate in Chocolate Cherry, just cherry and almonds. Not yet tried the new chocolate and mint chocolate but will do so today.

No Mince Pie/Christmas Pudding (they were the same btw, we just changed the name).

Gingerbread is the winner this season, but it is limited edition! So be sure to get involved.

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I can’t see the Gingerbread listed anywhere on the store, is it not out yet?

I’d really like a Strawberry flavour to be added, as Mixed Berry is just horribly artificial tasting

IT must not be in the section i’m in.

its a flavour booster - not a premixed powder

Even in the new purchase section it seems non-esistent

It’s not a Huel base powder, it’s a flavour booster, so it’s under a different tab.

And you’re in luck because there’s a strawberry booster too :wink:

You are looking in the wrong place @Huntress_Amelia. As @Phil_C says, it’s a flavour boost, not a premix.
Sorry, I see @Kaedius345 has mentioned it too :grin:

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Please someone give Amy the link!

This is where you want to be:


I’ve just ordered gingerbread to try.
Apple Cinnamon is INCREDIBLE ! :yum::drooling_face::heart_eyes:
So I’ve bought that one too.
Having the Pumpkin Spice this morning which is very nice! @Tim_Huel this one tastes very Christmassy to me - maybe it would satisfy the mince pie lovers?!