Loyalty scheme

The email told me I get one, but I honestly have no idea how to, there’s no clue in my account page.

I’ve emailed the Huel chat people, and I’ll update if there’s a fix/common issue.

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Same here Mike, logged on to order a couple of bags but couldn’t see anything to indicate i would get the 1k beaker. :confused:

Yeah, it’s unfortunate you can’t livechat with staff any more. This sort of issue could probably be resolved in 5 minutes with a back and forth over the chat. But now it’s >spend 5 minutes chatting to the bot > get half a garbled message with a limited word count through to staff > wait a day for the staff to respond > actually explain the issue properly over an email, wait another day while the staff ask further questions > respond with more answers showing it’s an actual issue, and not just looking at the wrong page…

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I clicked the link in the email and it took me to a page where I can pick my t-shirt size. So maybe that link activated the prizes.

Used the link in my email and got this:

Using the chatbot now, will see what happens.

Not sure what size shirt to pick. Do they run large/small? Is it this one?

And (sorry Huel marketing peeps) is that patch on the sleeve just sewn on? I’ll remove it if so. Not keen on the text on the hip either.

I can’t even reach those pages unless I make a choice on the t-shirt screen. So yeah, something seems busted for you and Mike.

It was a terribly uneventful experiment. Either the laxative effect is overstated, or I have iron guts.

That’s the stuff that’s in the news? This might be more useful then.

Ah I guess I have eaten that many meals… but since I “save” orphaned and abandoned Huel from all over my country, Huel would never know. Fortunately, my orphaned bags sometimes come with a shaker or even a t-shirt. So it’s all good.

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I wasn’t sure about size either… Please, Huel, rather than just say small/medium/etcetera, measure from side to side just below the sleeves and give that measurement. Way more relateable…

Yeah, same on my end, just takes me to my regular account page.

I clicked the get your gift button in the mail to claim the prize and picked the shirt size - it said that it will be added to my next order - sure enough the loyalty gift appears in the checkout when you place your next order. the claim your prize button took you to your subscription page instead?

It seems to have a tipping point where its fine up to a point - then all hell lets loose. maybe you just haven’t found your tipping point yet :slight_smile: With me I seem to sit in the middle ground - a couple of Smints isn’t going to send me rushing to the bathroom but having a couple several times in the day will. The famed Amazon reviews for buyers of sugar free gummy bears are for me, still to this day, one of the funniest things you’ll read on the internet.


Yup, that’s right. Just the normal subscription page.

It’s actually delaying me ordering some stuff from Huel right now, as I don’t want to do it before I sort the free stuff out, which I imagine is basically the opposite of what Huel are hoping for!

Cliched IT support answer I know, but did you try clearing the browser cache and try again?

Ha, funnily enough, I was just about to post to say that, yup, the Huel IT people suggested it, and that was the issue.

Clear the cookies etc, or just use another computer (or my phone) and it works. Should have thought of that really.

Hahahaa :rofl: needed accessory

It really is stunning :heart_eyes:

Oh that’s odd, when you log into your account you should be greeted with a pop up that prompts you to claim your free gift, here you can select your t-shirt style and size, once selected and you click on claim my prize it will then be automatically added into your next order. If you haven’t had this come up for you then please reach out to the team at team@huel.com to look into this for you.

If you want to check how many meals you’ve ordered so far then please reach out team@huel.com and we can let you know how many :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry you don’t enjoy speaking with Huelio :slightly_frowning_face: we have experienced slightly higher volume recently and are trying to reply to customers as quickly as possible.

They’re the same fit as the t-shirt you receive in your first Huel order :t-shirt: no patch :x:

From experience, I’m going with Iron guts :joy:

:rofl: :raised_hands:

Thanks for the feedback on this, what sizes would you usually purchase? I can send over the measurements for them :slightly_smiling_face:

Phil to the rescue! So pleased you were able to claim your gift in the end :pray:

Excellent. Appeals to my inner (and outer goth).

Until they invent a darker colour I only wear black.

For a thinnish fabric i’d go with a 44", for a heavier fabric possibly 46". I used to design and knit one-off sweaters, and when it came to the question of size I’d ask people to measure a garment that fits them well - one person’s medium fit is another person’s large tending to XL so actual measurements are way more reliable…

Not for me, switched to iPad - no luck. Changed browser from DuckDuckGo to Safari - no luck. Cleared history completely in Safari - No luck.

Waiting for chatbot to get back to me now. :roll_eyes:

I made my first order back in 1974 or something. Huel was giving away cheapo Gildan shirts back then.

I appreciate a length measurement too. Life was simpler when I was chubby, because I’m 6’5" and XL is longer. Now I’m generally Medium and I only buy brands that do Medium-Long, which severely restricts what I can buy. Loads of M&S in my wardrobe!