Loyalty scheme

got mine today - I dont have any of the originals but its the same size as the GOTS certified organic cotton shirts. its not all cotton - some elastane in there too so you might want a size up depending on how you like your fit.

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Cheers Phil, I’ll order a size up then.

Looks like I spoke too soon. Ordering from my phone allowed me to select my t-shirt size, but then nothing appeared when ordering to actually receive it. Back to the email tennis to try and resolve it…

it’s very Goth :slight_smile:


Aww I want to get this email :sweat_smile: do you have to reach 1k meals to receive the email?

yes - 3 tiers - 1,3 and 5,000 meals.

Sad times for me give me a couple of years to catch up to you guys :joy:

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Resolved now. I selected the T-shirt size, but nothing appeared in the checkout like @Phil_C mentioned. On the advice of the Huel customer service fellow, I ordered anyway, and it was added to the order when I got the confirmation email.

It took 4 days of going back and forth, but I got there in the end!

I think I have over 1000 meals on my old Huel account (and about 600 on my new one - I know I should have just changed the email address …) but didn’t get an email about this. I spoke to the team@huel.com email but they said they can’t combine accounts :frowning:

I’ve been very kindly offered a discount code for my next order but is there any plan in the future to combine orders/accounts in this way, since total meals purchased is mattering more and more? I’m happy to go through whatever is necessary to show that the accounts were both mine, and the order history shows I stopped using the old one when I got the new one.

The first account has orders going back to 2015, it’s a shame none of them count towards this :frowning: Obviously not expecting my accounts to be merged or anything but for things like this loyalty scheme it would be great if the orders from both could be taken into account.

I have an array of medium shirts none of which are the same dimensions on any measurement. One is freaky long. One has sleeves that pinch. One is way too large to be worn under the ‘large’ hoodie, which is also loooong lean shape.

As much as I love the feel of T-shirts, I’d never order again unless I was prepared to send back a few times, and I’m really not arsed.

For me the link in the email doesn’t work in Chrome or Edge. It sends me to a log-in page (even if I’ve already logged in) and after that to my regular Account overview page, where I can’t find any information anywhere about meal counts or the loyalty scheme. Clearing the cache had no effect.

I hope I can get it to work because I liked the email and the gifts sound cool :slight_smile:

I remember these days well! These are the new soft tees with your order. Hopefully, the chart above can help you decide.

sorry it took a while to get sorted for you.

I’m sorry about this, as far as I’m aware no, but I will make sure to pass this feedback on to our insights team to see if there is a way to do this in the future to help prevent this.

please reach out to the customer experience team at team@huel.com they can look into this for you to get this sorted! :slightly_smiling_face:


Any plans an having a loyalty section for merch so we can buy extra t-shirts? i love the design of the 1k all black shirt. Plus when we level up we could then purchase the 3k ones etc

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I’m afraid not currently, however, that’s not to say this will always be the case so once you hit the 1k/3k/5k target you would like to be able to purchase additional versions of those tees?

Yeah at the moment I’m at the 1k level and i would love to buy more shirts, same when i level up :smile:

Would also be cool to have a way to see exactly where you are inbetween levels in your account section.

Both sound like great ideas, I’ll make sure this is fed back to the loyalty team to see if these are changes we can implement in future :pray:


Thanks for the :tshirt: and black beaker. I am well on my way to the 3000 mark. :star_struck:

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eeek so exciting! :tada: you’ll have to report back next time you rock them both :sunglasses:

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@Charlotte_Huel Is (or will) there be a page where we can see progress towards milestones?


I’m afraid not currently, but if you are interested to know you can reach out to our customer experience team who can let you know how close you are to your next milestone :slightly_smiling_face: