Loyalty scheme

Has anyone heard of a new Loyalty scheme launched by Huel? I had an email from uk.info@emailservice.huel. com saying welcome to the 3k club I’ve had over 3000 Huel meals. And to click on a link for a free gift, a shaker,beanie and a t- shirt. Anyone else had this? I don’t subscribe to marketing but in the email it does say this is a service email and don’t need to be opted in for marketing emails.
I’ve not heard anything about a new Loyalty scheme so wondering if it is genuine or a scam.

Its ok I emailed Huel who confirmed it’s genuine just now.

Yeah I got this email too. I’m only at 2500 meals so I get the 1000 meals prize. It’s an all-black shaker and a black T-shirt. Are the 3k prizes a different colour?

I have no clue how many meals I’ve ordered and I couldn’t get the browser extension method someone put in here to work. Is there an official method yet?

I’ve no idea how to work out total meals, but the loyalty email has loads of weird stats. It has the total meals, and then stuff like how many minutes I’ve saved and how many grams of protein I’ve eaten. If you’ve ever had one of those end of year roundups from Xbox or PlayStation, it’s like that, except for making meals. Bloody weird, it is.

Not even fun stats. They could say YOU SPILLED 18 KG OF HUEL ON THE COUNTER THEN SWEPT IT INTO THE BIN, WASTING LOADS OF MONEY. They could say I farted 20,000 times and contributed to 0.0000003% of global warming.


I got the email as well. Just short of 2000 at the moment. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not sure I like being told how many meals I’ve eaten. Why not go all the way and include a picture of the grim reaper looking at his watch?

This is a really nice idea. I wonder if @Julian and @JamesCollier are busy signing gold :1st_place_medal: shakers.

  • 4488.5 meals since April 2nd 2017 :yum:

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@Ian42 yes this is a genuine loyalty scheme we’ve recent introduced to reward long time customers, it’s something that’s been highly requested from our customers and took a little while but we’re so happy to start seeing you guys claim your gifts!

Yes, 1k is black, 3k is silver and 5k is gold :star:

If you want to find out how many you’ve had so far, our customer experience team can let you know when you reach out to team@huel.com

Thank you, we’re really proud of the gifts and hope you all love them! The more they’re asked maybe they will :eyes: You’re so close to the 5k eek! :1st_place_medal:

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I’ve received the loyalty email today and I’m at 2600 meals!

Charlotte, if I receive the 1k goodies and then hit 3k meals, do I get both? :slight_smile:

Woohoo! @Coup :tada: :medal_sports: Yes, you will receive both! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Does @David get a special reward for eating 11 bars in one day?

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Black beanie, Black T-shirt and Black Shaker arrived today.

Thank you :heart_eyes:


Anyone who can eat 11 bars in one day and not be on the loo the whole time can get a personal reward from me @Coup :joy:

Glorious @Peas :heart_eyes: :raised_hands:

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something practical to deal with the Erythritol overload presumably…:slight_smile:

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The 3k below looks more black than silver to me.

Are the beanies/t-shirts ones you can’t sell on the clothing line or different?

They’re the same ones.
If you look at the text, it’s silver. It’s the text that changes colour not the main part :slight_smile:

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ah, gotcha. :slight_smile:

So the 1k is black text on black…that’s my sort of shaker.


Do you have any coming??