I can only apologise, I tried to cheat the Huel system and it just laughed in my face

Several months ago I started Huel I got a nice tshirt, they only came in men sizes back then and the medium fit me well, but it’s rather unflattering, this month I noticed, that female shirts are now introduced so I thought that I’ll order the starter pack again the website doesn’t link payment account with four account with huel.com account so it might not notice…

How wrong I was! I didn’t get my new t-shirt or even the shaker, even though it said it on my order page.

So I was outsmarted by a computer. :slight_frown:

Shame on me anyway I tried to cheat, although it’s probably good that I didn’t get away with it, as I would probably feel really bad about it.

I hope Julian, Joanne and the rest of the Huel team can forgive me for attempting it. :sweat:


We forgive you :slight_smile:

If it makes you feel better, you were outsmarted by a human. Our main man at our fulfilment facility has some very clever systems in place to pull up these sorts of things. Some people have tried to add hundreds of free t-shirts to their basket and have then written to us to complain when they didn’t receive them!

Your honesty is admirable.

Well, a couple years ago I bought a graphics card for my computer, nothing extremely expensive, it was around £200, it was meant to arrive the next day, but it never did, so I messaged them to ask where it is, and somehow it’s delivery sticker had been damaged so it didn’t get sent so was replaced at the “to be delivered” section of the warehouse, so they resent it for the next day/ the next day it arrived…

Only… there were two of them, I didn’t need two, not yet anyway, so I thought I’d message them back because someone could lose their job over £200 worth of missing stock… So I offered to pay for it and they let me have it for half price, and they sent me a couple bags of Haribo. :smiley:


I don’t like to mess with karma - that bitch’ll bite you back when you least expect it!

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I’m not mad on the t-shirt but I’ve been tempted to say I was a new user just to get an extra scoop!


You can get a new scoop just by asking for one.

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But you can’t get a new t-shirt by fessing up to trying to cheat the system (by the sound of it). :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha! I never looked at it or wrote it that way. But no that didn’t work either.