Make RTD from Powder?

I think he means what else could he add to make it closer to RTD, like some fats or other ingredients. I’m not clued up enough on ingredients to suggest anything but some people around here are so they may have some good ideas.

This your first day, guv?


Oh… well if you want to add something. I find RTD to be creamier so maybe milk or actual cream or breast milk if your vegan. Also you’ll have to blend it to get that really smooth texture.

Adding alpro almond milk (about half and half with water) will make it thicker and a bit creamier. Blending definitely makes it smoother and maybe some flavourless oil (RTD has oil in it) but I don’t know what or how much. It maybe a case of having fun experimenting!

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Thanks for the suggestions. As I suspected it’s not that straight forward. I suppose the shelf life is a dead giveaway that they had to add something out of the ordinary.

There are several different ingredients in the RTD such as Chicory Root Fibre, Brown Rice and sunflower oil instead of rapeseed oil so chances, are you’re never going to match the taste exactly as others have said – really making it smooth with a high power blender (my normal blender is only 600w but if I use my 1500w blender the texture is very similar to RTD straight out of the machine) and refrigerating it to let the powders be fully absorbed is your best bet along with using your own flavourings.

Hey Rob,

It’s nothing out of the ordinary it’s just Huel Powder and RTD are two entirely different products. Both are nutritionally complete but one is produced as a powder the other as a liquid so there has to be differences to meet the different product demands.

It’s also important to remember that RTD is produced using industrial blenders so will always have a slightly different texture to the Powders which is mixed using a hand or a kitchen blender.

I would like to see this megablender. Can I get one for my kitchen?

Yeah I want to see it too. @Dan_Huel does Huel have an album of “food processing porn” anywhere? It’d be fascinating to see all the steps involved in making Huel.

If not, let’s have one! Unless it’s all trade secrets, or your facilities are filthy, in which case keep us in the dark.


probably not - but you can get those big square jug thingies that Starbucks use to blend their frozen slurry. they seem to be really quick and easy to clean - or maybe thats just a slightly mild approach to food hygiene they have there :laughing:

If it is all dingy and secret, do like Jurassic Park/The Lost World. Show us a shiny facility with smiling staff and robots delivering babby velociraptors, and we’ll feel happier and confident in Huel.

Meanwhile keep pumping out the bulk of the products at the black site, where mutated dino-abortions are ground up into granola.


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Sorry, @Bee. I’m 80% sure that’s not how the granola is made.

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Phew! I think :thinking: :laughing:

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We have a little bit here:

You might class it as NSFW, if you don’t let me know and I will add some sound effects.


Thank you. It’s pretty tame but it’s nice to watch the big sacks sliding around.

I think something like this will do the trick -

This video leaves just one question open: Did the woman at 2:36 remove her hand in time? :relaxed:

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I could only watch the first 30 seconds…I hope someone put Clarkson in the blender.

I have a second question…did the plane crash?