More potassium?

2,000kcal of Huel has 2.2g of potassium which meets the EU RDA. However, the Nordic recommendation suggests 3.5g. I notice that Soylent also provides 3.5g a day. The difference is quite a large one, an extra 60%.

The question isn’t what’s good enough, but what’s best. Potassium chloride is cheap after all! As someone who plays a lot of sport, I am concerned I may be on the low side.

The difference is even greater when compared to the 4700mg RDA present in the new FDA Daily Values in the US, as well as their Institute of Medicine Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) - Soylent is able to label 100% DV with only 3500mg for now because that is the old Daily Value recommendation, and companies don’t have to switch to the new requirements for labelling purposes until July 2018.

The problem is that a lot of potassium sources, including chloride, would affect taste negatively quite a lot if you aimed for a full 4700mg, or even 3500mg. It makes sense for Huel to provide the EU requirement, and allow those who need more due to exercise to supplement themselves.

Most people won’t supplement though. That feels like a very unsatisfactory situation. Coconut water is loaded with potassium and tastes great, so it must be possible.

Oh it’s definitely possible, just tricky, especially with chloride. The 2000 is enough for most people which is why it’s what is aimed for, but I do think there should be more - all EU options are the same though.

How does Soylent manage if 3.5g is “tricky”? Plus it’s not all or nothing, Huel could increase it to 3g or 2.5g. I should be able to go to the gym or play a match and not worry too much about my electrolytes.

Soylent don’t really manage it that well, 31% of people find their powder unpalatable. Have you experienced any negative effects from the lower level of potassium? I agree a higher level would be beneficial though, I personally would like to see 4700mg.

Doubt that’s due to potassium in Soylent.

It likely won’t help, but I’m not saying it’s impossible to get 4700mg without affecting taste.

As i have just explained in new thread “Nutritional lockouts” this might also be a case of lockout due to simultaneous ingestion of high doses of calcium wich blocks potassium uptake amongst other antioxidants, minerals and substances (actually even an array of medicines/drugs gets partially or fully blocked).

Try supplementing a US recommended daily intake dose if you are overall healthy and increase dose by 50% if you cramp up easily but make sure to ingest this with a minimal amount of calcium intake atleast 3-4 hrs prior to and after the potassium intake.
Pref with some food or a snack. :+1:t3:

If your levels still show deficient amounts of potassium (measured by blood samples) you should investigate with the help of a doctor.

Good luck friend!