My weight loss & wellbeing diary

I am so sorry I couldn’t settle down to write a post, but i was getting everything sorted and trying to figure out what works for me.

But, rest assured, I have definitely not given up on Huel!!

I have to say - my personal taste buds can not handle the Flavour boosts! I honestly find the regular Coffee Huel on it’s own to be my favorite! Perfect sweet enough!

My diet hasn’t changed toooo much after including Huel - but I make sure to have Huel at least once a day. Usually though, it’s twice. In the morning and during lunch!

I will make my Coffee Huel using a stick blender (ensures no lumps, but even easier to clean than a food processor) and drink it over 1 hour.

Whether it is a placebo effect or my body actually getting the nutrients I need, but after I drink Huel I honestly always feel happier and energized than I was previously. Honestly, it makes me feel so much better knowing that I am actually putting something in my body other than Pringles (although I can’t say I’ve given up Pringles completely :wink: ). I can’t say my diet has been 100% clean but I really am trying and and it’s been great.

Weight: With Huel in my diet I have gone down from 55kg to 52.5kg in 12 days. I have managed a 1 hour hike 3 times a week this week and last week, and while that may have contributed a little bit, I know that it must have come from the Huel because I was cutting out a lot of the unnecessary food in my diet.

However, there has been a reason I have had to stop Huel and haven’t been able to keep up with this diary!

Ever since I started Huel, my skin has broken out. I’ve gone from getting a pimple maybe once a week, to a full face of pimples, waking up to a new one everyday. I understand there is no scientific links to Huel and acne, and I am not blaming Huel by any shot, however it has completely destroyed my self confidence and the healing pimples have left pitted scars in my face. It’s pulled me into a bit of a funk, because obviously I love Huel and I don’t want to give up but since I’ve stopped, the pimples coming up have decreased dramatically. My face went from clear to catastrophic, and it’s been pretty hard to keep my head up. I’m really praying that Huel was not the culprit and I was wondering whether there was anyway I can take my Huel back to New Zealand with me in my checked luggage so i can try it again in a month? I realise there are many factors behind acne and that I doubt Huel is the reason, but it’s been a really painful and horrid time with my skin, and I’ve had to stop. I don’t want to give up though! The creators of Huel have done something really remarkable here , and I hope to find a solution so I can keep it in my life :slight_smile:

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