Need help from a science geek/nutrition nerd/huel fan


Okay, I take back what I said.

Previously I had tested the standard Feed and my “sport” Feed, aka higher calorie, just arrived today.

The reason its higher calorie is because as it explains on the back, you just add an extra scoop to your shake! What the hell! So wish I’d knowm that before ordering. So basically it thickens the texture of the shake as it does with huel.

In other words, theres no real benefit to using it, so I’m just going to do straight Huel rather than bother with Feed.


This really tickled me :joy::joy::joy:


I actually feel a bit ripped off. This Feed is so insanely thick its like drinking glue.

So standard Feed is four scoops and there are 20 meals in a bag
“Sport” Feed is five scoops and there are 15 meals in a bag

Am I missing something here or is this just really lazy marketing?

Anyway in case anyone from the future reads this thread: hello future android! Avoid sport Feed.


I mean sorry but - WTF? :joy:


There are usually differences. Some brands add more carbs (complex or sugars) like Jake; some brands design their micros and macros for a diet higher in calories (2,500kcal for instance); some brands add extra protein (e.g. Queal, Feed); or add a different type of protein (Jimmyjoy); or add MCTs (Superbodyfuel).

So yes, the sport versions tend to have variations regarding the normal one.

This is probably because the bags hold similar weigth, but the Sports version requires more (g) per serving. Actually, their “Sport” range is more expensive per g. Perhaps because the extra protein.

Or marketing.


:grinning: Great stuff!


This is a good point and one I should have thought of. I would expect to see some level of deficiency at an intake of 200 micrograms of l-methylfolate calcium, but that could be down to other factors as you say, such as being in that 2.5% that fall outside the RDA. The point I was trying to make is that if - and that is a big assumption - the studies showing folic acid to be more bioavailable are correct, they may not experience deficiency at a 200 microgram intake of folic acid while they still may with l-methylfolate. Regardless, the change in the newer formula to 400 micrograms is a good one I believe.


Ha I used have them Weider weight gain powders as well, 25 years ago as well. Where has the time gone, it’s flown by.




Yes they are crapp and still being sold. :man_shrugging:


Feed. has a new ‘low calorie, low fat’ etc. version out called light. I’d low to hear everyone’s thoughts…