New Noodles - why no singles?

Just spotted that we can buy single one offs for the new noodle pots? Disappointing as I was going to order a few of each for myself and some friends to try. Is there any reason why? Will they be sold as singles soon?

They will be on the supermarket shelf before you know it

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Only Huel products I’ve ever seen there is RTD. did they say they were bringing these to the supermarkets too? I missed that part of the announcement

Nah no official word, it’s just very obviously designed to be a traditional retail product, as are the new bars

And the vitamin drink

/\ and the vitamin drink

I noticed the vit drinks are also in their vending machines now so yeah, retail bound make sense.

Good spot. Its deffo the way they are going

Hey guys, yeah massively sorry that we don’t have singles available for our Pots :frowning: We would absolutely love to make them available but the reason why we don’t is a bit boring and practical - the pots will get crushed in the box. Obviously most Huel products are fairly bulky (1.7kg pouches of powder), so if we put a loose cardboard pot in with it the likelihood of them arrived burst open is high. So for now singles won’t be available but I’m going to see whether we can come up with a solution that works. Perhaps a separate mini box to put them in.

Sorry for that.


a postal tube maybe? should offer crush protection I’d guess.


Hi yes that would be a great idea would be good

Very good point - I’d not thought of that! How about a mini box of 4? 2 of each flavour? I’m desperate to try them!

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Empty the contents into a Jiffy bag and send in the post?

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My mate suffers from premature ejaculation. He always comes in a jiffy.


I ended up buying a crate with this months order… arrived Saturday. So far, the 8 are sitting in my room. They make the place stink of curry noodle smell!!! All sealed packs so far. About to give one a try now for lunch, will post back my feedback / review of it. Spicy chick’n noodle flavour. Looking forward to it.

Sadly, at £3 a go, other than trying them and hopefully enjoying them a lot, I can’t really justify putting this into my regular orders. Especially if no singles exist as otherwise, H&S are more flexible (able to have a single scoop plus bread roll for a meal, to drag out longevity per £) which I can’t do with these.

Here we go!

That’s a good idea. It’d be nice if 6+ months or 1+ year accounts had a limited ‘sample pack’ option, with one of each as a ONE TIME order - to give them a taste of it - along with their regular ‘big’ order. Not sure if it would fit enough people but it’d be great to me. I always usually throw in a bar, can or now the noodles to try them. I tried each of the old bars as well each month just to see what they were like. Got some of the new ones - also buzzing to try them this week. But again, can’t really find a way to justify the cost into my regular ordering.

Alright, that’s it done. And my mouth is on fire!!! :fire: If you like seriously hot snacks, Huel has delivered. Although I love Madras H&S and I don’t want it to change or ever go away, this is by far hotter. It’s about on the limit of what I’d call a serious kick, before getting into ‘too hot to even enjoy’ territory. Although I know that’ll vary by person and spice tolerance.

The texture / softness of the noodles and the fake chicken bits were also spot on in my opinion. I’d say once a week is an ideal interval for this stuff.

Gave my brother one to try… he usually leaves the hot sauce sachet out from black Pot Noodles so he’s in for a… shock with this :rofl:

The other 6… suddenly I can see them lasting into next months Huel order. They’re that hot. :hot_pepper:

It’d be nice if there could be big, sustained demand for this product. I’ll probably order every few months in replacement for a H&S bag / dinner time meal.

Overall 8/10 with the only lost points being: no singles so far, and the cost being a bit high for me personally per meal. Less flexibility over H&S also with it not being scoopable but I wouldn’t deduct a point for that as the pot is part of its benefit / core reason to be a choice for a snack or meal. I love it.

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