New User (diabetic & very round)

Hi all,

Thought I’d start off with an introduction and some questions. I’ve been Type 2 diabetic for some years and am on pills and insulin. Although I measure my blood sugars each morning as instructed, and although they are nice and acceptable, my consultant recently told me “your blood sugars are uncontrolled”. I’m guessing this means that at various points during the day, my sugars go up and down like a yoyo.

Obviously Id like to stabilise them somewhat and lose weight too…a lot of weight to be frank!

I did some research on Huel over the weekend and figured that it could be a good replacement for my rushed breakfast on the go - usually a microwaved bacon or sausage sandwich which I eat in the car on the motorway - and also provide a low G.I substitute thereby helping lower my blood sugars during the day.

I just made up my first berry drink with water and plonked it in the fridge for tomorrow. I plan to start off using it for one meal a day, maybe also for lunch eventually or on the odd days.

Being diabetic, I need to watch what I use as added ingredients, for example I suspect a banana and most fruit blended in isnt a good idea, but is there a “good” milk I can use?

Has anyone tried blending in some low fat/Greek type yoghurt?

Also, whats the cheese grater looking thing in the top of the bottle for? Do I leave it in there?

Anyway, back to reading the forums for inspiration - catch you around folks :slight_smile:


Some say it is an ice guard. I like to think it helps to shake out any lumps.
Putting in fridge over night is good move. Adding fruit for you probably isn’t.

Definitely leave it in place. It will stop any lumps making it’s way to your mouth (which can be fairly unpleasant).
If you’ve given it a good shake, then the lumps won’t be an issue, but any rogue one will be captured.