Nutritionally complete burger?

It’s not just appearance. The textures are different because they’ve been processed differently. Like the difference between a crisp and mash potato. They’re both potato, but the crisp was thinly sliced, deep fried, and then a flavouring powder was added, while mashed potatoes are boiled, crushed & then an oil and some salt and pepper are added.

A lentil burger isn’t the same as a vegetable protein burger, which is different to an Impossible Burger.

They also have very different ingredients. Mashed potato isn’t the same as mashed turnip. Different flavour, different texture, even though they were processed in the exact same way.

They also cook differently. Most vegetable burgers are fried, while vegetable protein and the fake meats can be fried or grilled.

Variety is great, both for choice and for practicality.

And you’re English is fine. I’d have never guessed it wasn’t your first language :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m not eating anything you bring me on a shovel :wink:

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