OFFICIAL (ok not really official) Merry Christmas thread

To anyone who celebrates Christmas, enjoy the time. What are you guys up to? Share!

Personally, because the majority of my family is actually banned from entering England (lol, Scottish government) I have had to buy literally everything in the last three days and making sure my mum doesn’t spend Christmas alone. But because of the pandemic it seems everyone had the same idea so all the small meat stuff was gone. So… I hope my mum -really- likes Turkey (serves 12) and Christmas pudding (serves 8)…!

Jasper has already made himself at home on her sofa. I know, that’s not a dog it’s a fluffy rug… etc…


Really hope you have a great time! I know it’s not what you expected and it has been thrown on you at the last minute, but you seem to be in good spirits which is great to hear.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:


Passing the Christmas weeks in the south of spain, on the beach

Merry Christmas to all of the Huelingans and the Huel team


As of Saturday I get to go home back to my house on the beach! I already miss it!

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Just me and the dogs celebrating Christmas at home. Bliss!


Just prepped the Christmas bird. The centrepiece of my Festive feast.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Tastes like chicken?

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most things do - so I’m told - well, it’s officially the 25th now in this neck of the woods so, a very Merry Christmas to you all and here’s hoping we have a smoother ride in 2021. @Cam_Huel not sure how you got the short straw for the festive graveyard shift on here but welcome all the same - wishing you all - all the best for the times ahead :christmas_tree:


I’m having tomorrow off but will be back and raring to go on Boxing Day. Have a good’un!

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Wishing you Hueligans a good Christmas and hopefully a better 2021. All the best and stay safe.



I have managed to convince my mum to log in to my account on Amazon prime and watch “The Birdcage”. She is absolutely screaming with laughter, tears streaming down her face.

Let’s not make this about politics please folks, I’m pretty much done with that.

And the world is done with Trump.
Maybe he wanted to say that the world is done with christmas this year, too.
Due to the pandemic the things you can do are quite limited. Just phonecalls and a lot of stillness. Not even the churches here are open.

@Talort - managed to pack up a mini Fortnums’ high tea/elevenses for my break - turns out tea and Christmas Cake is a really good hangover cure :slight_smile: A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all :christmas_tree:


Wishing everyone the best, let’s forget this year and move on to the next please.

Mini mince pie, Bailey’s, and vanilla Huel


Merry Christmas!!

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@ phil:
All of your pictures seem so professional - as well as the advice you’ve given so far.
I think Huel should offer you a job.


The Baileys is a nice touch - although I haven’t touched it for many years after a particularly rough session drinking it when a group of us realised that in a pub a single shot of Baileys is actually a double. So when happy hour came around we were basically doing a double double baileys with a brandy top. Yes, thats basically a half pint each round. It did not end well :slight_smile:


@Phil_C I’m amazed you got it, as we discussed previously I had such huge logistical issues this year both with Fortnum’s and also The Wine Society.

Almost everything did eventually get through in time for the big day, with the exception of my brother (but like… Chile, so goodness knows what’s going on there) but it was a close run thing.

My mum and aunt got their fortnum’s hampers but Facebook portal systems that I bought them have now been put back to second week in January. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: