Peanut warnings

So all of the Complete Protein Bars contain peanuts, and have warnings as such, even amusingly the peanut butter one.

The Huel Bar 3.1’s however, none of them have peanut warnings, even the peanut butter one… Is this correct?

I have a peanut allergy and I’m saddened that the bars have peanuts, even though I knew that Peanut Butter has the most energy per weight of any food, it sucks for me.

Though if the Peanut Butter Huel Bars 3.1 are peanut free, can I taste what peanut butter tastes like without the fear of my asthma playing up? Though the smell of peanuts usually sends my adrenaline into high gear.

on the website the ingredients do contain peanut allergy warnings - are you saying the packaging itself doesn’t?

(other flavours also have ‘may contain’ peanut warnings)

Hello Phil, I mean on the website, Complete Protein Bar has warnings.

but Huel bar 3.1 does not.

This was where my confusion laid, maybe I should have checked the ingredients of each bar?

To make it more clear, as just screenshotting part of the page you can already see without much context probably didn’t help…
Complete protein bars all have warnings.
Complete protein bar 2

The peanut butter Huel bar 3.1 does not.
Huel Bar 3.1 2

Hope this post was more clear than the last.

Thank you for raising. I can see how this could be confusing and I have passed it on.

If you head to the ingredients section then you will see that all v3.1 bars also have an allergen warning for Peanuts, Nuts and Mustard. This is also reflected in the label on pack.


Thanks Tim, do the 3.1 bars all actually contain peanuts or is it just “may contain traces of”? Except for the Peanut butter one, obviously?

I’ve been drinking Huel for years and I trust the manufacturing process enough to dismiss a “may contain” sticker?

For v3.1 Bars, only Peanut flavour Contains Peanuts. All other products have May Contain messages.

Hope that’s clear :slight_smile:

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