Complete protein bars without nuts

I, unfortunately like a lot of people, am allergic to peanuts, so I’m wondering if there are any plans for complete protein bars in the future to not have any peanuts in them?

I know this might be difficult as peanuts have high amounts of protein in them and the calorie to weight ratio of them is incredible.

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Maybe I should tag @Tim_Huel and @Phil_C for this to be seen by any of the correct people.

according to the product page:- Peanut butter included in all bars for a smooth and soft texture.

I’m sure it has other benefits too as there could/would be other solutions for texture improvement.

Hey, sorry for delay. Hmm I’m honestly not sure. Right now we have 2 varieties of Bars, one with peanuts, one without (but it does have a may contain warning). I think a 3rd variety is unlikely but not impossible. More likely is a reformulated bar without the allergens.

When we first started Huel we certainly wanted our products to have as few allergens in as possible. This was much easier with powder, but as our range has grown to include more technically difficult products to make at scale we’ve had to compromise on some allergens to allow us to work with great manufacturers and make better products. Making Bars is very difficult to do well.