Please stop using Cyanocobalamin Vit B12

I felt sick but couldn’t tell if it was caused by huel. After two days I encountered some diarrhea. First I thought, get used to it but now itching of the in ear and throat added to the symptoms… unfortunately thats the end of my huel journey :frowning: would have been to nice!

Yeah, I also would plead for: please stop using Cyanocobalamin. For following reason: It doesn´t occur naturally in this form and the body can´t take any advantage of it. Therefore, paradoxically, Cyanocobalamin can and will cause a lack in (natural) B12. Since some bodys have large ressources of B12, the lack can occur after years. So the problem isn´t that obvious. Cyanocobalamin enters the body, the body mistakes it for real B12, but then it can´t use it. Indeed I got B12 lack diagnosed by the doctor for the first time of my life after 4 weeks of Huel. I know, everybody uses Cyanocobalamin, because it´s cheaper and the word has not spread yet about the disadvantages. But I am asking you, please do your research, take the effort to look a little deeper into that issue and fix it. I am saying that, because I like Huel very much apart from that. At the moment I am trying not to use it too much and I take B12 patches additionally. But for the long run, of course, it would be really cool, if you guys could fix the problem. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work, Marcella

Hi there, thanks for the post and welcome to the forum. We don’t agree that cyanocobalamin is inferior because it is synthetic. ​Although this form is artificial, other forms are either not as well absorbed by the body or are not stable in food products over shelf-life, so nutritionally cyanocobalamin is the superior form of B12. See this post from James who devised the Huel formula.

Not the case, we use it because, amongst other reasons, we cannot use any other form that has the same performance.

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Oh, we have done a lot of research on this and our conclusion is cyanocobalamin is the superior form.

There are studies that indicate that methylcobalamin is better absorbed than cyanocobalamin; however, methylcobalamin is not stable in food products over shelf-life and it’s also not permitted for use in food fortification in the EU because of its stability (it’s only permitted for use in supplements). Also, whilst methylcobalamin is more bioactive once it’s been absorbed, cyanocobalamin is absorbed by the body more readily.

Therefore cyanocobalamin is the most suitable choice. In addition we have added an amount of B12 that’s higher than the Nutrient Reference Value (NRV).

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You’ve misinterpreted the study. This study related to a minority of the population who who have the MTHFR mutation as they struggle to methylate forms to the active methycobalamin. (Image to explain this is below). This applies to both cyanobalamin and hydroxycobalamin.

Adenosylcobalamin is used to produce a different co-enzyme to methylcobalamin, the two are not like-for-like. I know this is not a peer-review, but it’s a nice overview:

Studies have shown that adenosylcobalamin and hydroxycobalamin are not equal to methylcobalamin and cyanocobalamin in terms of increasing plasma cobalamin levels. E.g.,

This is before you consider stability, hydroxycobalamin is not very stable as an added vitamin. This is why it is more often used for injections not oral intake.

Methylcobalamin is not permitted for use in food in the EU so that’s the end of that.



I was actually looking for this thread to reference to the guy having a rash when consuming Huel when I saw the title and then I got distracted; I guess someone re-edited the title, or the drugs I took last night had more of an effect than I expected and I imagined it. Damn B12 supplements containing hallucinogens.

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