Bad skin reaction to Huel---Vit B12 formulation issues?

My skin (chest, back) broke out in a pretty serious rash after two days
on huel, and my face suffered horrendous flushing/itching too. Have had
to immediately stop using it and my skin is back to normal after 24
hours. Another thread suggests an old school formulation of B12 may be
the cause, but the Huel guys have yet to address my post on that thread.
Guys? Would love to see this addressed as the two days I spent using
Huel I otherwise felt amazingly well.

Is there anything else in Huel that you don’t normally eat?

I’m new to isolated pea protein (as far as I know), so am going to get some of that and try it on its own to see if it has any effect. There’s nothing else in the ingredients that I would recognise as being new to me. Never been aware of any food allergies before, but this seems pretty clear. Also have previously taken Wellman and Bionta supplements (both with full RDAs of B12 but in newer formulations) without problems.

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Okay, let us know ow you get on.

As mentioned on another post, have also extreme face flushing, will take a break from Huel at some point to see the difference.

I have also read today that Niacin / Vit B3 can cause this flushing, but over time it will be fine. I will report my outcome.

I think a niacin flush is unlikely at the dose in Huel. You’'ll get the flush if you have a large amount in one pill, e.g. 100mg. Huel only has 18.3mg per 2000 calories.

Sorry for lack of response on the posts. I’m afraid I couldn’t comment on the cause of your skin problems, I know there is a bit about it on the forum on various threads. We are looking to change the B12 to another chemical form, this may address the problems unless it is just the presence of B12, in which case we obviously can’t omit it.

How are you getting along?