Maybe allergic reaction to Huel?

So I really like the idea of the powdered food and wanted to try it. I started with Soylent 2.0 but it seemed to make me fuzzy headed and slightly dizzy. Stuck with it for a week thinking it might get better but no luck. I thought I might be reacting to the Soy protein so I decided to try Huel. Got a order of the unsweetened/ unflavored Huel powder and tried it. First bottle and I could feel the same fuzzy headed feeling I got on Soylent. I’m super disappointed as I love the convenience of it. Tried to compare ingredients between Huel and Soylent but I didn’t see anything that jumped out as a likely culprit. Wondering if anyone else here has had a similar reaction and might have an idea what might have caused it?

I did a quick Google and found several people on different sites stating that their protein shake makes them dizzy. Articles on the subject are kinda brief and vague but it seems to be a known ‘thing’. Apparently adding carbs alleviates it- huel is not low carb but it releases the carbs more slowly. I find sometimes huel makes me tired if I don’t add any sugar. It could also be not enough sodium. So try adding a pinch of sugar to one huel, and a pinch of salt to another- see if it makes a difference?

It depends on how quickly it makes you feel like this. Does the feeling come on quite quickly after you start drinking it? If so, it’s probably a reaction to something in it.

The fuzzy headed/ flushed face feeling comes on almost immediately. I’d say it’s very prominent within a few minutes of starting to drink. I generally take about half an hour to finish a bottle. I’ll have to look into the protein shake, I couldn’t seem to find anyone claiming to have the same flushed face and dizzy reaction as I have.

Yeah, if it comes on that quickly, you’re almost certainly reacting to something in it. And the flushed face sounds like a histamine release, which is what happens when you have an allergic reaction.

Hmm I might need to try and pop a benadryl and then drink some as an experiment. I mean safe bet that I’ll have to stop drinking Huel but I’d like to know what this reaction is as I’ve never had a food allergy before.