Version 3.0 Berry


I’ve used Version 2.0 (Banana & Vanilla) fine but could be coincidence but just had first version 3.0 on berry mix and have a banging headache and rash to lower legs. Not sure if a reaction, something else totally not Huel or just getting used to version 3.0

Using just for lunch. Wondered if anyone had initial reaction to new formula and to persevere


I’ve not had any symptoms like you describe. I’ve been using soylent products for a couple of years now so I guess my body has adjusted to it.

Do you have any known allergies?

It doesn’t sound like the sort of effect huel would be expected to induce - if you had produced a toxic cloud of gas etc then that could be normal and would settle down with slower drinking, more water etc.

Thanks for the reply, sure it’s just a coincidence

None known, I was mixing 50/50 with almond milk which I did on v 2.0 so might re try on just water. Hope it’s ok as was the nicest tasting yet! Cheers for the reply

Hi Graham, this sounds like a reaction to something, possible one of the natural flavours used to make up the berry flavour.

It’s probably best to avoid Berry if it’s causing you these symptoms.