New Berry Huel Powder!

Hi everyone,

We have just launched Berry Huel powder in Europe! It has a sweet strawberry, raspberry and blueberry flavour and is already a firm favourite in the office.

It is available both in regular and gluten-free. You can find the nutritional info here.

We love it and hope you do too :strawberry:


I’m ordering this as soon as my new credit card arrives.

PS. Sorry for beating you to it - becoming a habit :wink:


Makes me wonder what other mysterious unreleased flavours might be locked up for the moment in Huel HQ :stuck_out_tongue:



Mint-Chocolate in premix in the name of all things that are holy!!!

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How do you keep doing this??

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HAHAHA I don’t even know! I just click things and go like… wait, whats this! :joy:

Pretty sure he’s a wizard



Is there a vanilla base in this one and if so is it new or original?


This sounds good, both from a flavour perspective and potentially nutrition, as berries have high nutritional density. On the latter point, is the berry flavour solely attributable to real berries, dried and powdered?

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I would like to know this as well. Coffee with original vanilla is amazing as are other flavour boosts.


Ordered 2 bags now :heart_eyes:

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Berry does have a vanilla base which is the same as our New Vanilla, however it is at a much lower inclusion.


It is a natural berry flavouring :grinning:


Strictly speaking though, I think Andrew’s question was more whether Berry Huel contains actual (dried or powdered) berries and thus retains some of the nutritional content. The impression I got looking at the ingredients is that this isn’t the case, it only contains flavourings (which may well be based on natural berries but I assume would have little in the form of nutritional value) and colourings derived from carrot and beetroot.

I’m not a nutritionist so it’s quite possible I don’t know what I’m talking about, I just wasn’t sure that your response explicitly answered the main point of the question.


OK. I am not super keen for New Vanilla, so hoping it’s mild in flavor! I’ll drop a review when I tried it

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Hi, I don’t suppose you would be able to tell me how many grams of each type of Berry there would be per 100g of huel powder?? I’m on a restricted diet & am keen to try this but would need to know the quantity of berries I’d be consuming to estimate if I would have an adverse reaction to it. I know that sounds weird but it is what it is! Or if the flavouring is made up of something other than actual berries, could you let me know those ingredients please? (“natural flavourings” listed on the ingredients list seems a bit ambiguous!)

Also, I don’t suppose you’d be willing to send out a small sample to existing customers? It’s quite a risk to order a whole bag at full price if I don’t like it!

Indeed. I know Huel is generally transparent about nutrition so I am keen to know if the Berry formula benefits from ‘whole’ berries (which would be a significant nutritional boost, I reckon) or something less.

@JamesCollier should be able to answer that I reckon