Possible 'Huel' branded container?

Hi, after trying a sample of Huel I have ordered a week’s worth and will try going 80% Huel from Monday (when I receive my order) and am looking to maybe go 100% depending on how the first week goes.
Anyway, I was wondering if anybody was using some sort of container for their Huel rather than just using it out of the bag. I’ll probably want to use a container as it just seems easier to scoop out of and avoid the bag sealing problems.
Does anybody have any recommendations? It’d be great to see a Huel branded tub similar to how we have Huel branded shakers and bottles.

Box for Huel

Your thoughts on a smaller pouch size

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Hello mate, I use a plastic cereal container from Tesco that holds a full Huel pack and is super easy to use.

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Agreed of the huel-tub thing, though a glass or enamel one would be much better than a plastic one. Plastic scratches, then gross stuff grows in the scratches and it starts to smell (and possibly give you food poisoning). Glass or enamel are both harder so they remain scratch-free and easy to clean. Also they look better.

Thanks for the advice guys!
And yeah, I was hoping to find a decent glass box but I’m having trouble