Powder at Holland & Barrett?

I LOVE that I can get your RTD’s at H&B, super convenient and fits my “I just want one” awkwardness :wink:

There are three other brands powders also on sale, so clearly customers have an appetite for these products, curious why Huel powder isn’t on offer alongside them and if there were plans to make it such in future?

Hi Tristan - Most of the time at retail chains, it’s their buyers who really determine what they stock so you maybe as well lobbying them mercilessly :slight_smile:

Aren’t we all boycotting H&B at the moment? Damn Russian billionaires.

Already sent my question to them as a nudge ha :slight_smile: just found it odd that three other brands powders are there and not Huel.

Crumbs, didn’t realise. Looks like they’ve only ever taken his money though, they’ve not given him any. Which is an odd flex. Holland & Barrett distances itself from Russian oligarch Mikhail Fridman | News | The Grocer

Interesting article. I’d not read that. Good spot.

From a retail perspective we’ve only really wanted to pursue our on-the-go products like RTD and Bars. We find it just makes more sense in a shop when you want something grab and go. Never say never and all that but right it’s not on the cards for us! Would love to know how Form and yFood powders are doing.

Fridman may not have received dividends from H&B but he still owns his stake and may benefit when sanctions are lifted. I reckon the boycott is worthwhile.

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